By implementing statutes provided by the people’s representatives, law enforcement teaches evildoers that justice is in their own self-interest. Laws punishing criminal behavior help, but justice is an ongoing fact. It is understandable that people who behave badly on a regular basis die sooner.

Even when established Higher Authority moral absolutes for Common Law are employed, judgments are not always correct. This occurs when investigators and lawyers fail to accurately determine the details at issue for judgment. In contrast, the radical cultural decline associated with man-made Case Law Precedents is persistent and ongoing.

The tyranny of judicial corruption and subsequent loss of citizen control over the soft sciences in local public schools has led to cultural devastation. This became effective with the elimination of Common Law in America around 1955. The inferiority of Darwinian Case Law is proven by the fact that its proponents need the monopoly force of tenure-powered government judges willing to blindside people with a twisted version of the Bill of [God-given unalienable citizen] Rights.

In 2009, Iowans dismissed three Iowa Supreme Court judges. The judges had violated the representative nature of the American Republic and First Amendment citizens’ freedom to establish laws that uphold the community norm for justice. Their problem may have been caused when as law students they believed out-of-order law school professors. This problem among tenured judges was emphasized by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, page 4, and Judge Robert H. Bork, page 14.

Personal experience enables us to appreciate the need for critical understanding associated with definitions. Twisted definitions are used to confuse and destroy people’s understanding. Giving Supreme Court judges at the federal government level lifetime tenure privileges has been harmful to justice and to Americans nationwide. People have difficulty keeping track of liberal judges in Washington, D.C., but at the grassroots level Americans have upheld the laws of nature and supported community norms for decades. We’re not a bunch of idiots.

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~ David Norris

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