The secular war against the God of creation is also a war against the dictionary and the family.

It is well documented that the Bible was the benchmark for word meanings when crafting the Constitution of the United States. Writers of the Constitution wisely left theological interpretations to the public and to churches. While avoiding church theology, they were unanimous in basing foundational American charters on moral law that supports the God-honoring family and lessons of history presented in Scripture.

I was prepared at the previously mentioned Grand Jury for the anger of radicals when they read the Presentment. What surprised me, however, was that some in academia quite sincerely complained that they could not understand the Report. Apparently, they were unable to understand the meaning of the English language used by the Grand Jury. Although printing the Presentment in the Iowa State Daily was the right thing to do, it did not help their radical cause, because most readers understood the English used by the Grand Jury.

Noah Webster (1758–1843), a contributor to the Constitution and widely acknowledged as the most influential educator for over a hundred years, unabashedly proclaimed his conversion to Christ during a campus revival at Yale. Webster was fluent in several languages. He finished the American Dictionary of the English Language in 1828. Paralleling the references to the Bible by the delegates to the Constitutional Convention, Webster often included Bible meaning to words for reliability. When meanings are twisted, words become a weapon for the enemies of man’s capacity for responsible self-rule and liberty.

For example, in times past, the word secular had been used to distinguish non-church governments from church governments within the context of respect for creation’s God and moral law. Professors, known for rejecting God’s standards that uphold life and dignity, began calling themselves secular humanists. Dominance of their twisted meaning for the word secular in textbooks now supports the atheistic rule over and in American culture.

Beware the twisting of the English language!

~ D. Norris

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