Applying twisted definition meanings in textbooks over time, secular authoritarians have hidden their collectivist agenda from public awareness. Unaware, new generation students’ minds seeing the word “secular”, for instance, do not realize that the meaning “atheistic secular” was an engineered change.

Americans had used the word “secular” to distinguish civil government from church government, both of which were properly based upon the Biblical standard for civil liberty and freedom. Definitions matter. When the meaning of civil governments is redefined by liberals in education and the judiciary, their faith in atheistic secular values opens the door to all sorts of evil.

The definition of human equality requires respect for people regardless of color and ethnic heritage, and respect for differences of the two genders. Diverse color and gender wars are god-wannabe Genesis 3:4-5 evils.

Twisting the meaning and intent of First, Fourth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution hides the radical collectivist intent from students and the public. It had taken several decades for law schools to adopt Case Law, starting around 1900. By 1955, the security of morality-based Common Law jurisprudence had been displaced by secular judiciary dominance in America.

The takeover of morality-based Common Law by atheistic man-made Precedent Case Law was gradual and subtle. The sovereignty division between limited national government functions and essential Bill of Rights citizen sovereignty has been perverted by man-made Case Law decisions causing unmanageable central government dominance.

Observe these trends. Be aware of what liberals truly mean in what they say. It may sound good, and it may even sound like you could agree; but they may be hijacking the dictionary to promote their godless agenda.

~ D. Norris