Cheating by leftist enemies of the American Republic that managed to control public voting stations are doing the expected. We saw it coming as they were waging a fraudulent media war to stop President Donald Trump before he even took office over three years ago. 

The leftist press filled Labor Day weekend of this year with news blasting President Trump with an America-hating Socialist predicate for a tyrannical totalitarian government. They even shamed President Trump, who gave Americans an historic Mount Rushmore speech in celebration of American independence. MSNBC host Willie Geist brought on Yamiche Alcindor, a “pretend White House correspondent” for taxpayer-supported PBS, to talk about how the president appeared at the national Mount Rushmore site monument beneath two “slave-owning” presidents, as noted by Newsbusters. BUT honest news, released over that same weekend, emphasized that President Trump’s first term agenda was correct. He has exposed Washington, D.C as the political swamp that it is. A plethora of boat parades filled with Trump supporters occurred nationwide over that same weekend.

The July 4th speech at Mount Rushmore was delivered under the 60 foot granite carvings of slave owners, as well as Theodore Roosevelt, who was pushing for the expansion of the West, supposedly desecrating Native lands. Another of the Mount Rushmore faces features the president who emancipated the slaves—Abraham Lincoln.  Radicals in education and the media, who charge that America is an evil nation, do great harm. Yes, it took many years to implement the right of all adult citizens to vote and to liberate slaves. Americans, however, never abandoned those hard-to-achieve societal corrections called for in our charters at the very beginning. Let’s be honest! And let’s be honest about President Donald Trump.  The president has worked with Congress, lowered taxes, eliminated many hindering controls and replaced three Supreme Court justices with Constitutional originalists–a phenomenal feat. This alone could help Americans for at least thirty years.

It’s the Constitution, ratified on December 6, 1865, that reversed the Dred Scott decision that officially abolished slavery in America.  The Constitution. Constitutionalists eradicated slavery. The Constitution supports life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  In contrast, the vacillating laws of man lead to exploitation, cultural decay, poverty, and tyranny. 

D. Norris

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