The byproduct of the extremes in old European secular philosophy, Marxist influence has reached alarming heights in universities, colleges and public grade schools in America.  Roger Kimball is a highly regarded analyst and writer on the subject.  His analysis focuses, in part, on neo-Marxism, which has morphed into structuralism, poststructuralism, Lacanian analysis, deconstruction, women’s studies, black studies, gay studies, critical legal studies, new historicism, cultural studies and Afrocentrism.  Marxists have also penetrated liberal seminaries via liberation theology and social action materialism.*

On a side note, a very important side note, the power of leftist indoctrination on the minds of law students explains the ignominy of judges that would refuse to ban Marxist doctrine from taxpayer public schools but would ban the reading of the Ten Commandments.  They have made prayer in public schools unlawful and have overturned anti-abortion laws in all fifty states in violation of the Tenth Amendment.

While most Republican party leaders have resisted moral relativism, the moral tradition of leaders in the Democrat party has been hijacked.  Democrat party leaders in the era of President Harry Truman would never have sanctioned abortion, homosexuality or same sex marriage.  Measured by political scientists since 1992, atheists have become a growing component of the Democrat party leadership.**

Legislative majorities in the Democrat party have repeatedly obstructed government by and for the people.  They have applied a leftist litmus test for judge nominees.  They have blocked the people’s representatives’ right to vote for conservative judge nominees who would support the original meaning of the Constitution.  Liberal extremists only allow a vote on judge nominees who have a history of compromising the Constitution.

America’s youth can be compared to the casualties of military conquest.  Millions have become victims of ruinous lifestyles and many have actually become troopers in support of leftist political agenda.  What is this victimization by education radicals who are sheltered by tenure law if not robbery, blatant betrayal, and treason?

*See for a review by Jan Olof Bengtsson of Kimball’s Cultural Criticism.

**Richard N. Ostling, “Americans Important for Democrats,” The Tribune (Ames, IA), August 28, 2004, B5.

D. Norris

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