“Available for your use,“The Spirit of Freedom Definitions and Reality Matter” publication documents the order in which the series of historical events happened, dates and time that preceded the rapid decline of the community cultural norms and civility in the United States of America. We are reminded that the people in the United States created the central government in Washington, D.C. for an important limited purpose. The purpose was to protect people in the states from foreign adversaries, facilitate the need of the states as a group for harmonious interstate travel, commerce and to protect the sovereignty of the people under God over the national and state governments. The purpose was not for a few tenured Supreme Court judges to secularize or remove In God We Trust from public schools and the justice system.

“Described by iUniverse as a self-taught historian, David Norris has an exceptional gift for discernment and composition. What is significant is the public need for this documentation. The office of Judge Robert H. Bork, a career lawyer and superb judge, promoted the outreach of the Norris book, Restoring Education Central to American Greatness. Judge Bork, a nominee of President Ronald Reagan for the Supreme Court, shared the same concerns for education and the law. This is a brief from that message.

“This documentation is important enough that the Heartland Foundation, Inc., chartered in Iowa February 2, 1981, is providing the documentation free on the lastingsuccessedu.org website, under the title Definitions Matter. That website is now being used on a weekly average to download the equivalent of 250, 350-page books.”

~ James C. Magee, Ph.D. (Biology Science) and wife, Lois, M.Ed., a public school teacher for thirty years.

Subject to being used for the advancement of traditional American values as defined herein, this article may be downloaded and used in part or in total from lastingsuccessedu.org, title briefed “Latest Definitions Matter.”