The Spirit of Freedom: Definitions and Reality Matter


Because of the nature of this review, some repetition is required. When an earlier version of The Spirit of Freedom/Definitions and Reality Matter was being blogged, several readers responded and placed new importance on the Article V Convention of the States.

Although an Article V Convention of the States has not been used in the past, having that provision in the Constitution reflects the caliber and foresight of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention back in 1787. A group of states are beginning to unite in order to amend with unmistakable clarity parts of the Constitution and original Amendments that have been twisted by liberal lawyer majorities on the Supreme Court.

Morality-based education—Christianity changed education in the Western world. Academic freedom was used to discourage, not to advance, the tempting forces of evil. Why do secular militants object to lighted trees in schoolhouses at Christmas time? Jesus Christ brought a new version of truth and provided believers with supernatural help. Contrary to the superstitions of countless religions, Christianity breaks down all barriers to civil decency. Although women have different roles, the Bible places them on the same equality footing as men. It respects the traditional family, impartiality between the races as well as respect for both the poor and rich.

American First Amendment for education religious liberty and the politicized rule of man are virtual enemies. Accurate expression of First Amendment freedom for morality-based education depends upon honesty of definitions for the words used. Freedom responsibility includes the people’s duty to prevent illegitimate use of the taxpayers’ treasury for big government welfare incentives. This use of taxpayers’ money is a violation of man’s God-given right to justice that every individual possesses. The reason the states retained that designation is because the people in the states were sovereign. Resting upon the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” Declaration of 1776, the people’s delegates framed our Constitution. If they were to come back today they would be heartbroken by the disarray. New generations have been disadvantaged by the education gap and violation of the Constitution by a handful of lawyers on the Supreme Court who have imposed disruptive powers over the states and people never granted, delegated or enumerated.

The difference between belief in the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God and those whose priority is to lord it over the people is the difference between citizen freedom responsibility and the tyranny of servitude.

Good judges are under duress. Reversing the cultural and political consequences arising from tyranny of supremacist judges is essential. On June 10, 2014, a courageous California Superior Court Judge, Rolf M. Treu, declared, “Statutes protecting teacher tenure are hurting students’ chances to succeed.” Leaders such as Judge Treu and America need our support.

As I understand it, the underlying goal for the Article V Convention of the States is to reassert Tenth Amendment jurisdiction in support of the states and sovereignty of the people. The states and people could again stand united according to morality-based Common Law. Article V requires petitions from at least 34 states to call a convention— The Texas Article V Convention of the States, published by Governor Greg Abbott, January 8, 2016, is very well done. The last chapter of this article briefs the Texas Plan.