Responsible use of freedom of the press and the freedom for alternative education providers is foundational. When business people purchase advertising in a newspaper, they are funding more than advertising. Their advertising dollars help offset newspaper opinion page costs.

In 1977, the Ames, Iowa, business community was confronted with the anti-free-enterprise opinions promoted by the then Ames, Iowa Tribune Opinion Editor. Addressing several business owners, I said that the Tribune has the right to promote what they wish, but we also have the right to advertise wherever we want to advertise. Within a few minutes, the decision was made by the business people to quit advertising in the Tribune.

Within two months, the message came back to us, “We respect your concern.” The Ames, Iowa Tribune has been supportive of the American free enterprise system since that time. Shortly before a new advertising alternative had been developed, the business people decided to advertise again in the Tribune.

The Tribune news and their Story County Sun are doing a good job, considering the budget restraints caused by Internet news competition. Many conservatives and moderates, however, rightly believe that more local opinion page articles are needed—especially those which focus on the benefits of classroom instruction that emphasizes moral absolutes and their value to the traditional family, human dignity, and community.

The inclusion of God-rejecting writers by opinion page managers is important. They are good at pointing out the weakness of conservative and moderate presentations, causing important re-evaluation. Also, readers can see how people on the left couch their interpretations for student consumption. Two of the very best opinion articles were recently submitted by local citizens. One, a Christian pastor, explained orthodox commonality among different Bible-believing church denominations. Another, written by a liberal, emphasized the need for more investigative reporting. How true!

News organizations also have the duty to protect the right of their reporters to keep the identity of news sources confidential, as the promoters of immoral education diversities may seek to harm the reputation of news sources. Darkness hates light. Without investigative news reports about events detrimental to the traditional family, human dignity, and community, the citizens cannot see the need for action.

Opinion page managers do not own the truth. There is a far greater percent of conservatives and moderates in our communities than some believe. Opinion page imbalance that cheats readers from the opportunity to see the conservative side of political dialog causes readers to be marginalized. The following are like-minded conservative writers covering national issues: Thomas Sowell, Laura, Ingraham, and George Will, to name a few. Input by just one of these, published regularly, with more local citizen opinions, would balance the host of secular partisan propagandists.

There are very few public school systems in Iowa where taxpaying parents successfully exercise their sovereignty and control in what is being taught in the behavioral, social and history subjects. For their protection, the very few that I know of are not being identified. How do these communities maintain local citizen control? It is the result of the conscientious effort promoted by news editors, churches, public service, and school boards to keep the school system clean and protect it from progressive worldly liberals. Americans cherish diversity, but reject the harmful immoral diversities that radicals demand be taught to young people.

~ D. Norris

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