Secularized education detaches new generations from a key to American greatness, namely, In God We Trust.

Dr. John Dewey, a proponent of teacher employment guarantees at taxpayer expense, is the acknowledged father of modern-day public education. He was an admirer of Margaret Sanger, Humanist of the Year in 1967 and a founder of Planned Parenthood. Sanger also founded the publication The Woman Rebel, whose slogan was “No Gods! No Masters!” Her first edition denounced marriage as a degenerate institution and sexual modesty as obscene prudery (George Grant, Legacy of Planned Parenthood, Wolgemuth & Hyatt Publishers, Inc.)

What are professor tenure guarantees accomplishing for the education, social, political, historical, and religious studies in our universities?

In the fall of 2005, researchers at the University of Connecticut’s National Civic Literacy Board conducted a survey of some 14,000 freshmen and seniors at 50 colleges and universities. Students were asked 60 multiple-choice questions to measure their knowledge in four subjects: America’s history, government, international relations, and market economy. Seniors, on average, failed all four subjects; their overall average score was 53.2% (The Coming Crisis in Citizenship: Higher Education’s Failure to Teach America’s History and Institutions, 09/26/2006, Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s National Civic Board Report).

Karl Marx championed worldwide socialism. He appealed to academia for the abolition of the family. “The bourgeois clap-trap about the family and education, about the hallowed correlation of parent and child” is disgusting.”

Marx objected to a married man and woman for several reasons. One is they are motivated to take responsibility and, if they can, become property owners. Another, moms and dads have a heart for their offspring. They teach their children and even pay others to help teach their children to be honest, to respect creation’s God, and be self-reliant. This protects them from entrapment and exploitation by socialist’s propaganda.

“The strides made by Marxism at American universities in the last two decades are breathtaking,” says New York University’s Herbert London. He reports that “two self-declared Marxist historians, Eugene Genovese and William A. Williams, were elected presidents of the Organization of American Historians in successive elections. Louis Kampf, a radical with Marxist predilections, was elected president of the Modern Languages Association” (Herbert London, Newsman, Dr. Arnold Beichuan and Professor John P. Diggers echo that concern). “The field of American History has come to be dominated by Marxists and feminists” (Accuracy in Academia Campus Report, July/August, 1987).

“Marxist academics are today’s power elite in the universities” (Georgie Anne Geyer, “Marxism Thrives on Campuses,” a Denver Post article, quoted by Arnold Beichuan, August 29, 1989, p. B7).

An example that hits us all closer to home, they do not want a Christmas tree seen by students in the halls of learning. The celebration of Christmas symbolizes the birth of the most consequential Person for good in history. “The name of the Lord (says the Scripture) is a strong tower; higher the righteous feel and are safe” (Samuel Adams Letter, December 26, 1776, Signer of the Declaration of Independence; ratifier of the U.S. Constitution; Governor of Massachusetts).

“A decorated pine tree in the high school cafeteria has been taken down because of complaints from a high school employee and some parents. In the words of the school principal, ‘We are in the business of educating students. I didn’t want this [decorated pine tree] to become a distraction… so we decided it would be best to take down the tree’” (The Ames Tribune, December 4, 2010).

In God We Trust. At least I do. As well as most American citizens. Let’s expose the leftists’ secular revisionism that causes students to lose faith in American foundations. We must re-institute the non-sectarian Judeo-Christian natural and common law for protecting public school instruction that upholds morality and history.

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, Manifesto of the Communist Party, 1848,

~ D. Norris

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