The single most significant substance for automobiles we use is oil. Oil continues to be available, but when automobiles are denied oil they become useless. The single word for successful human relationships and responsible freedom is justice. The power of justice is forever available. People are free to scoff about this. Creation’s God is not a dictator as Genesis 3:4-5 liars claim. Those who uphold justice experience lasting success. Fifteen components of justice are briefed on pages 7-10 of The Spirit of Freedom/Definitions and Reality Matter publication.

Quality of life, justice, human equality and the work ethic are subject to the same definitions for reality that are used in hard science laboratories. Personal experience, history and the physical sciences enable people to understand penalties that occur when the moral and physical realities are violated. Life is clearly supported and protected by the harmony and supernatural connect-ability of things physical, biological and moral. The outcomes associated with right behavior identify with the natural laws for chemistry, electricity, gravity and other things physical. Physicians in our medical clinics are rightly concerned about the nitrates, iron, calcium, phosphate, electricity, on and on, which sustain man’s biology. Things physical, biological, moral and spiritual have a universal connection to each other as well as the Higher Authority Bible.

Darwin’s secular theory for the origin of man greatly offended Adam Sedgwick, one of his professors at Cambridge University. Sedgwick took issue with Darwin’s book, Origin of the Species, saying, “There is a moral or metaphysical part of nature as well as a physical . . ..” Sedgwick told his student, “It greatly shocked my moral taste and elaborated in a passage that proved prophetic: ‘A man who denies this is deep in the mire of folly.’ Tis the crown and glory of organic sciences that it does thro’ final cause, link material to moral [they are inseparable]; . . .. Were it possible, which thank God it is not, to break it, humanity in my mind would suffer a damage that might brutalize it—and the human race into a lower grade of degradation than any into which it fallen since its written record tells us of its history.”

Leading scientist Dr. Allan R. Sandage focused on the moral or metaphysical part of nature as well as the physical. “Science makes explicit the quite incredible natural order [laws of nature], the interconnections at many levels between the laws of physics, the chemical reactions in the biological processes of life, etc. But science can answer only a fixed type of question. It is concerned with the what, when and how. It does not, and indeed cannot, answer within its method (powerful as that method is), why. Why is there something instead of nothing? Why do all electrons have the same charge and mass? Why is the design that we see everywhere so truly miraculous? Why are so many processes so deeply interconnected?”

“Those who deny God at the outset by some form of circular reasoning will never find God. Science illumines brightly, but only a part of reality.” Dr. Allan Sandage is believed to be the most influential astronomer of the last half-century. Sandage is credited with founding the discipline of observational cosmology. As Edwin Hubble’s star student, he took over Dr. Hubble’s mission to measure the universe’s expansion and, through those measurements, to determine the physics of the cosmic creation event.

Dr. Sandage is the recipient of the prize for cosmology, equivalent to the Nobel Prize, from the Swedish parliament. Sandage became a Christian at the age of 50.

~ D. Norris