Agriculture, engineering, chemistry, math, etc. on the three state university campuses of Iowa comply with Creation science morality for truth, as they must, in order to verify repeatable scientific outcome (universal Creator-based cosmic order). Yet, the Creation Science Seminar, headed up by the Dean of Engineering and others at Iowa State University, WAS PROHIBITED by President Parks’ administration. The hard sciences, such as agriculture, engineering and competitive athletics, have served Iowa in a spectacular way.

When asked later, Dean Boylan said that the laws of physics and the Second Law of Thermodynamics render evolution impossible. Albert Einstein, a self-taught scientist, firmly believed in the universal Creator-based cosmic order. Thought to be the greatest scientist by far in history, his respect for Judeo-Christian based science enabled Einstein to provide the formula for using the atom to power submarines and make the atomic bomb. When challenged by atheistic humanists, Einstein repeatedly declared, “I cannot believe that God plays dice with the Cosmos” (London Observer, April 5, 1964).

Tenure Denial Sparks Nationwide Debate—Quotations from an article by Heather Johnson, (Heather Johnson/Iowa State Daily Correspondent, May 17, 2007; updated 5/18/07 @ 12:34 a.m.):

Faculty in the three state universities in Iowa who believe the humanities colleges should include competition from Creation science have no hope. When their basis for education is found to be Creator-based, they become the enemy of the humanist evolution monopoly. This includes opposing their promotion to professor TENURE protection status. Believers in Creation science competition either leave or quietly submit to atheistic evolution monopoly, and unsuspecting students self-destruct because of the absence of the benefits of moral clarity. The quotations below come from the Heather Johnson article.

“In 2005, there was a statement that was signed by more than 400 faculty members from Iowa State University [including self-proclaimed atheist, Hector Avalos], the University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa stating that Intelligent Design is outside the scope of science and ‘more appropriate to religious studies or philosophy.’”

Guillermo Gonzalez, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, was denied tenure in April, raising questions about whether his application was denied because of his role as a highly publicized advocate of the contentious [Creation science] intelligent design theory.”

That statement by the “more than 400 faculty,” the three state universities, and the Iowa State University chain of command who supported the rejection of the Guillermo Gonzalez professorship, raises the question of their being in a state of intellectual denial because competition from Creation science is not just being prohibited in humanities’ “religious studies or philosophy” departments.

Gonzalez had written 68 scholarly articles and a large book for peer-reviewed scientific journals, including important work on the Galactic Habitable Zone concept. The Chronicle of Higher Education noted that he had, at the assistant professor level, “amassed a better publication record than almost any other member of the astronomy faculty,” according to Jeff Schloss on Counterbalance. Nevertheless, when Gonzalez came up for tenure approval in 2007 at Iowa State, he was denied tenure (

Taxpayer concerns are that the minds of students are being impacted by untruth and the lives of immature students are being destroyed by moral pollution. No wonder the rejection of tenure status for Guillermo Gonzalez sparked controversy around the nation. The Regents should not approve any funding for humanities’ soft science projects, including new construction, until traditional Creation Science has uncontested footing equal to that of the humanist evolution fabrication.

This is a follow-up of the most recent note posted, “It’s Happening. Again.”

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