In their quest for liberty, our Founding Fathers focused upon the conspicuous Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, the Declaration of Independence, the governing character of humility, the Golden Rule, and the morality in the Ten Commandments.  The Constitution was prepared and established.  The Constitution is the tool for implementing that design of freedom, justice and tolerance.

Leftist union bosses and unelected judges who allege entitlement to dictate our laws ARE THE ENEMIES of the American concept of man under God over government. Laws should reflect the will of the people who choose like-minded representatives to establish their laws.

The purpose of Restoring Education Central to American Greatness is to tell people the TRUTH. When taxpayers realize what is happening, they  resolve to restore their control.  For example, most Americans would be appalled to know how their education tax is being used in captive student classrooms. As a citizen, your help in this important matter is needed.

After reading only four chapters of the book, a public school teacher from Ames, Iowa said in amazement, “This was not taught to me in American history.”  She offered me some great ideas for improving education; I agreed, but had to tell her that those ideas could not be instituted.  The problem that must be corrected in order to effect the changes she is looking for goes much deeper: it is with the system itself. The problem is that parents and the great majority of teachers no longer have control over what is being taught.

~ David Norris

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