I served as the Chairman of the citizen Grand Jury for the Eleventh Judicial District of Iowa that investigated harmful activities in higher education. The Story County Attorney and District Judge had asked me to chair that Grand Jury. Three citizens each from the two major political parties and myself published a unanimous report.

We found that the athletic department was well managed. The faculty in the hard sciences, engineering, agriculture, mathematics, chemistry, physics, etc. were busy doing their work and making significant advances in the knowledge helpful to the public. The Grand Jury could not say the same about a very small segment within the soft science-related studies such as religion, history, and politics. We even had recorded classroom presentations provided by the County attorney.

“Moral, social, and political concepts implanted during the time of mental immaturity not only participate in the conduct later in life, but, once acquired, become dominant and often unalterable in the adult. Thus, captive audiences of immature minds provide powerful and much-prized forums for anti-Judeo-Christian, anti-American indoctrination. Educational environments, left unguarded, can easily be captured by alien militants and, in due course, transformed into climates of unquestioned social and political opinion” (Grand Jury Presentment, Harmful Activities in Education).

A community’s standards for public education are far superior to the statutes for law argued by attorneys, who seek to uphold a teacher’s privilege to teach in violation of community standards. To say that a rebel teacher’s right for what is taught is superior to citizen community authority is a totalitarian ideological doctrine. We elect school board members who agree to select a superintendent to run the school to advance the standards of the taxpayer community.

Employing and retaining teachers should be based on the teachers themselves. Do they unequivocally encourage students to respect community values? Students would, no doubt, be less likely to become criminals. Failure to do so leads to criminal acts, murder, stealing, telling lies, rape, adultery, etc. and disrespect for the laws that are needed to punish criminal acts. Statutes are important for the punishment of crimes, not teacher superiority over taxpayer employers.

School board members and administrators dismiss school bus drivers who fail to practice public safety without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and maybe years in appeals. The same principle should apply for the dismissal of harmful teachers who rebel against local community standards and administrative authority.

This ever-present danger of government powered leftists’ propaganda requires citizen alertness and commitment.

~ D. Norris

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