“Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants,” said former Justice Louis D. Brandeis.

Secular militants claim to be patriots because, as they say, dissent is American. What they mean is evident from how they have gutted traditional American values in public education. They demand freedom for themselves, but reject the American concept of academic freedom (the freedom to be honestly informed) and the freedom of others to make their own choices. The soft underbelly of the secular left is the fact that they cannot withstand the competition of ideas.

The “In God We Trust” worldview has been the foundation for public education, beginning in the original thirteen colonies and continuing for over 250 years. The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Everson v. Board of Education decision of 1947 began a dramatic shift away from “In God We Trust.”

The unionization of teachers and accompanying tenure law have enabled a small cadre of radicals to take God out of citizen-funded government schools. Newt Gingrich stated: “Those who want absolute proof you cannot teach American history honestly and accurately without reference to God, go to the Lincoln Memorial and read where in Lincoln’s second inaugural, March 1865, he referred to God fourteen times and used two quotes from the Bible.”

There are millions of honest, hardworking teachers, but they have no more control over the lifeview being taught in the soft sciences than do parents. An entirely different system for educating American youth is needed that would bypass the leftist teachers’ union monopoly. Funds for education provided by Americans must be routed through the parents, similar to the G.I. Bill following World War II. This bill provided that education sought by veterans be paid from taxpayer revenues, and the veterans had the freedom to use the tuition grant in a public or private institution of their choice.

For secular militants, it is intolerable to allow students to be taught about the non-sectarian and impartial God of creation upon which inalienable rights, citizen self-government and liberty depend. Let’s shine the light. Let’s disinfect.

~ D. Norris

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