How better can the power of government be misused than to harbor small tenured teacher cadres and judges privileged with lifetime job security? The Everson v. Board of Education Precedent is the controlling enemy of First Amendment religious and education freedom.

Most of the federal Supreme Court judgments up until 1947 were reasoned decisions. In 1947, however, the First Amendment law was radically reversed in Everson v. [a New Jersey school district] Board of Education. The Board asked for First Amendment religious freedom education protection. It felt that parents who were paying for non-taxpayer funded education should at least have the benefit of school busing. In Judge Hugo Black’s rebuttal to the Board of Education, he added the words “establishment of all religion.” With that application of Case Law, a devastating Precedent reached down to exercise control over every state and local public school. This prohibited all mention of God in public schools and created a financial disincentive for religious education in America.

Traitors to the principles of justice are the law school professors who many decades ago chose to abandon Higher Authority morality-based Common Law. Atheistic secular Case Law shields Marxists and other militants who are intent on violating the authority of citizens who are the sovereigns under God over government in a representative Republic.

Historically, several different church denominations insisted upon First Amendment protections for religious-based education freedom for all religions in America, not just their own. The exclusivist secular belief about the origin, meaning and purpose of life taught in government schools starting in 1947 has been catastrophic. To keep government authoritarians from removing the traditional religious aspect of education, citizen knowledge of the Common Law morality test for justice is essential and that can happen only when people in local communities control education.

It is with a great deal of restraint that this author not use more descriptive language about the harm done in local public schools by a few tenured opponents of citizen self-reliance and religious freedom. There is reason for optimism: parents by the thousands who are now moving their children out of government-controlled teacher tenure-granting education systems to independent schools controlled by the parents. Those parents should have access to their share of the education tax for sending their children to a school of their choice.

Failure to teach that life is a miraculous gift which is perishable and that the Judeo-Christian Bible provides truth in the matter has proven to be tragic. Unity for clean living extends life and curtails the tyranny of imperial government bosses. Undoubtedly, many liberal judges and other champions of secular Genesis 3:3-5 revisionism as education have lost their own children and some have lost their entire families. Today’s liberals would be wise to assess the cultural decline that has plagued America since the loss of the First Amendment religious freedom in 1947.

~ D. Norris

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