Collective bargaining law, teacher tenure privilege, or whatever you may call it, allows teacher contracts to override and literally destroy the citizen’s chain of command structure.  Those who support the union agenda for contracts that require hundreds of thousands of dollars and years before the people can be told the truth have done imperial damage to representative government and responsible liberty.  This is a crime against government of, by, and for the people.

There is now a grave need for tough penalties against teacher unions for using teachers’ money as a contribution to candidates for government office.  The law should punish a political candidate for accepting such money.  There is also the grave need for laws that allow disclosure of violations of moral societal standards by school employees, certified by witnesses.

Judicial willingness to advance unjust laws that destroy the people’s right to control education are dragging America down, down, down.  On June 10, 2014, a courageous California, Superior Court Judge, Rolf M. Treu, declared that statutes protecting teacher tenure are hurting students’ chances to succeed.  Persons like Judge Treu need the support of the people. Commenting on the action, James Ryan, Dean of Harvard University’s graduate school of education, pointed out that the decision explicitly called on the state legislature to fix the destructive and unconstitutional statutes at issue. He said, This has a long way to go before it’s over in California and it hasn’t even started yet in the other states.

If an employee in the business community committed such an egregious violation against moral business standards, that employee would be fired immediately, even if a substitute replacement had to be employed.  What happens to our youth is far more important than a business transaction.

Politicians, let’s go to work for taxpayers!  Readers, encourage your politicians to make the corrections needed.  By restoring the authority of taxpaying parents and the school administrators they hire to control teacher selection, a militant secular minority will not be there to demonize and discourage good teachers who would emphasize standards for strong marriages, communities and public morality in general.

D. Norris

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