The solidarity of Bible definitions is the enemy of secular god-wannabes. On June 16, 1858, Abraham Lincoln, who championed the separatist Declaration of Independence, reminded the nation, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Actions of the southern states were unjust. Lincoln could not compromise the meaning of our Constitution without compromising justice and human equality.

Believers in “In God We Trust” for standards of morality can negotiate among themselves and make progress. When we compromise with the rejectors of morality and local citizen control over education, we strengthen the enemy and they know it. They will offer to compromise but then immediately turn to their Genesis 3:4-5 battering ram to retain a total control agenda.

Successful business people avoid partnering with those who stretch the truth. If Lincoln had compromised with those who twisted the meaning of the Constitution, he would have been involved in falsehood.

Success requires courageous leadership. First defenders of values in our day are the parents and grandparents who have their youth in God-honoring schools that are independent from Genesis 3:4-5 authoritarians. The Declaration of Independence outlines the remedy for separating from the dishonesty of god-wannabes.

~ D. Norris