It is necessary to reestablish the meaning of some key words in the educational debate.  This is because of the persistent dishonesty of radicals who migrated into the soft sciences* of universities and public schools saddled by tenure guarantees (which crept silently into collective bargaining laws starting in the early 1970s).

“Old European secular philosophy” is a general term that includes the many sects championed by God-rejecting intellectuals in Europe.  The traditional American use of the word “secular” is different ~ it was used to distinguish national, state, and local governments from church governments.  These governments, though not in themselves religious, were foundationally directed within a greater context that respected the values and will of God.

This has become too confusing for modern-day use on two counts.  First, used by radicals, the word “secular” leaves people blindsided to the fact that the science of their agenda is driven by deception and insistence on an atheistic-secular worldview monopoly.  Secondly, their atheistic worldview IS religious, with a deeply held Darwinian view about the origin and meaning of life.  In 1961, the Supreme Court in Torcaso v. Watkins classified secular humanism (the title used by secular militants in academia) as a religion.  To avoid the misleading use of the word “secular,” we suggest there are times that the phrase atheistic-secular be used.  Instead of being secular-authoritarian based, the American predicate for determining public policy is impartial, higher-authority and morality-based.

American conservatism transcends both the good and evil intentions of today’s adherents to the old European secular philosophy—the religious and political left.  Revisionist morality, supported by the Darwinian theory for life’s origin, meaning, and purpose, represents one of the greatest evils of our time.**  A focus upon the danger to American liberty can be narrowed to those who are at the seat of the problem—secular militarists.

*The soft sciences include literature, journalism, education strategies, political science, life-origins biology, life-origins geology, history, law studies, religion, social studies, arts, psychology and ecology.

**Charles Darwin published his theory for a God-rejecting worldview in the book The Origin of Species, published in 1859.  There is some adaptation within species, but the Herculean efforts of science pretenders to find evolution between species fail.  Sir Arthur Keith, a leading evolutionist has written:  “Evolution is unproved and unprovable.  We believe it only because the only alternative is special creation which is unthinkable” (Sir Arthur Keith, as cited in Wallie A. Criswell’s Did Man Just Happen? Grand Rapids MI:  Zondervan, 1972, p. 73).  D. M. S. Watson acknowledged the same in Nature, vol. 124, August 10, 1929, pp. 231-234.

~ David Norris

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