Literature consistent with the Biblical Judeo-Christian heritage has been the primary contributor to character development in public education.

The Bible was written in different languages, by a number of human writers from varied cultures over a period of centuries. So how can the hermeneutical stance of God’s Word be totally reliable? In spite of this, the Bible is consistent. Is the God of creation in conjunction with the indwelling Holy Spirit capable of communicating truth to those who are interested? OF COURSE. How else can people communicate reliably? Quoting Dr. Clay Nuttall in The One Bible Hermeneutic, “Every word and thought, hence the whole, is inspired, reliable, sufficient, and authoritative. There is no higher authority. Anything scripture speaks to is the final word on the subject. Only one Biblical hermeneutical system rises from the Bible text. It is the normal, clear, plain, consistent, literal use of language. The faithful, consistent use of the normal hermeneutic is a scientific process, and it is mathematical. When this system is utilized, it will produce the same answer every time for everyone, unless it is corrupted by human insertion.”

“The nature of this material is foundational. Philosophical discussions are identified only for the purpose of reference, and they have no real authority.” We are interested in the “clear, plain statement of scripture” upon which the American Judeo-Christian heritage rests. “This is the real authority. Once a reader leaves the plain, clear text, the temptation to rewrite it is always present.”

Every error in education has its roots in an erroneous interpretation or use of distorted and corrupt sources. It is pathetic to think, for instance, that a political party in America would stake its reputation upon delusional interpretations. “The Bible is literature, and it is a book like no other. To practice the normal hermeneutic, one must pay attention to the rules that guard all literature. The focus in this work will be on the correct use of grammar, context, and the historical setting of the text. These are rules that are used not only for this specific genre, but for all literature. They are identified in this discussion, as is the proper use of application once the normal hermeneutic has produced that one interpretation of a text.”

“One has to ask why it is that various learned scholars go to the same text and come away with a dozen different interpretations. It is particularly troubling because many of these commentators claim to use the same system of interpretation. That simply isn’t possible. Intellectuals argue that there is no such thing as exactitude in the matter of interpretation of the Bible text. The Biblicist demands that the inspiration of scripture by careful oversight of the Holy Spirit is a verbal, plenary product. The Bible is inerrant.” It avoids the arbitrary and revisionist attitudes of man. The quotes above are from the Shepherd’s Staff, July 2017, by Dr. Clay Nuttall. His article is about the soon-to-be published book, The Normal Hermeneutic: The One Biblical System.

It is the light of truth that fortifies the minds of men and women, boys and girls. We believe in the laws of nature directed by God Himself, because they reflect the eternal immutable laws of good and evil. Americans need not be enslaved for lack of knowledge. Renewed appreciation and understanding of the Biblical foundation for the American Republic is our most powerful weapon.

~ D. Norris

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