Rabbi Sol Roth explains the tragic mental disconnect that occurs when God and Bible principles for civil behavior are forced out of education because of First Amendment alterations. He calls it “functional segregation.” Students are victims of mentally crippling education that substitutes men for Creation’s God. Secular teachers using Darwin’s God-Rejecting theory for the origin of life get credit for the marvelous function and beauty that God created. Science becomes knowledge apart from moral values. Consequently, morality has been steadily eroding in America.

Functional segregation in classrooms is harmful to religious faith, hence making the family and community irrelevant. Yet it was Bible-believing church denominations, Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists and others, that insisted the First Amendment religio/education freedom be adopted and apply to all religions, NOT JUST THEIR OWN.

The replacement of American Common Law by secularized Case Law forces local public schools’ instruction to challenge the sensitivity of the students’ consciences. Education has become a secular church-state factory for making undemocratic Democrats and undemocratic Republicans by the millions. Take heart! Parents by the thousands are moving their children from government-controlled tenure-granting education systems to independent schools controlled by parents.

~ D. Norris