There is a growing awareness that the unique principles of freedom, so essential to the well-being of humanity, are seldom heard from the lips of leaders, no longer heralded by the media. Liberty has always experienced a struggle with the media, with trends in public education, with power-hungry leaders. One case in point, the English press emphasized in 1776 that the Declaration was badly prepared. One paper coined it “a wretched composition, very ill-written.” Many Englishmen and political gossips believed the idea of God-given inalienable rights with individual responsibilities for government was absurd; instituted by a handful of rogues and opportunists who, of course, would come to no good. The new philosophy of government in the Declaration of Independence was treated by them as insignificant and ignored for the most part. Many years later when King George came face to face with Thomas Jefferson, he turned his back on Jefferson.
Our founders were far from perfect, but much wiser than our modern-day activists who concentrate on illuminating the founders’ sins. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and the other leaders, were acutely aware of the imperfections of men, in and out of power, and thus they turned to God whose commandments could be depended upon to sequester liberty. Individual independence under God results in great individual strength as well as giving us national independence from control by Britain or any other country.
We see in our nation unprecedented sexual perversion, promiscuity, family breakdown, destruction of property and insurrection against lines of authority. Politicians fraternize with the principles of tyranny, principles that would destroy us. They spend millions spreading their offices in our districts, acclaiming the good job they have done while catering to the irresponsibility of the unproductive. Solid, hard-working Americans find their liberty and self-sufficiency strangled by an ever growing tax burden. Tax money going to education is spent as if our youth were a vast wasteland unworthy of absolutes and trust in God. Elected officials appoint judges who sidetrack laws that once punished people for violating our God-given right to life, liberty, and possessions. Business, industry, and the American people have problems with monopolizers that disturb the right to work and freedom of enterprise and marketing. It is not hard to track these symptoms of the present break-down in the tone of our culture and national posture to the counter-revolution of old-world and so-called progressive ideas of socialism. Tyranny.
The discouragement among Americans over trends in society and the confusing inability to get them corrected, can be cleared up by a re-examination of this unique heritage. The philosophy spelled out in the Declaration of Independence and implemented by our national Constitution has been sufficient; it is only a matter of returning to and reapplying those principles. Our system of government still retains the procedures whereby the principles “Under God” can be reinstituted by the people. In understanding, there is power. Willful deception becomes powerless before serious patriots whose actions and opinions are stayed on the fundamentals of freedom’s heritage.
“Patriotism is as much a virtue as justice, and is as necessary for the support of societies as natural affection is for the support of families. The Amor Patriae is both a moral and a religious duty. It comprehends not only the love of our neighbors but of millions of our fellow creatures, not only of the present but of future generations. This virtue we find constitutes a part of the first characters of history” (Dr. Benjamin Rush, An essay, 1773).
~ David Norris