The secular revolution we are now experiencing has parallels in history–one being the French Revolution. Edmund Burke, the English statesman who resisted King George III and defended the American Colonies, turned against the French Revolution from its very beginning. As early as 1773, after visiting France, he warned the English Parliament that those speculative rationalist philosophers would “degrade us into brutes.” Thus, before the outbreak of either revolution, and long before the fall of the Bastille in 1789, Burke had decided in favor of America and against France.

The French Revolution as well as the German revolutions of the twentieth century have claimed their “Divine Mission,” their “Super Race,” their “Republic of Virtue.” Their universities, their music, their arts, their science and philosophy excelled. Illiteracy was at an irreducible minimum among the German people. But they needed revolution? The French Jacobians tried to change everything: fashion, literature, drama, even the calendar–renaming the months and acclaiming a new reckoning rather than the new birth through Christ. Likewise in America, our wisdom and unique principles that elevate man to self-responsibility and control over his own destiny must be changed. Apparently. So now, in our current secular revolution, we have poor reading skills and low math comprehension among students, economies of insolvency, loss of history’s significance, moral deterioration and a massive collectivist government.
This is one of the greatest blunders of all time. The French and German experiences in scuttling the wisdom of the ages are illustrative of the counter-revolution in America today. The German and French revolutions, advocates of a “heaven on earth” philosophy, contributed to the ruin of great peoples. These were among the most titanic tragedies of the ages. Few would deny, as Burke once warned of the French philosophers, that the speculative rationalist philosophers here in America are making “brutes” of us. As then, the counter-revolutionaries of today attack the people with a diatribe, acclaiming the footdraggers as guilty for our imperfect society. The intellectual reformers in these French and German epochs found that their ordinary, unimaginative, radical commoners simply could not be made over into proper citizens of their projected utopia. When they attained complete political control, they did the only thing left to them. They proceeded to exterminate the misfits.
“Experience is a severe perceptor, but it teaches useful truths, and however harsh, is always honest. Be calm and dispassionate, and listen to what it tells us” (Chief Justice of New York, John Jay, Address to the People of New York, 1788). History must record our returning to God if liberty is to survive.
To the founding fathers of this Republic, heaven was in the NEXT life; the task of government was earthly and limited and so they wisely wanted it kept. That our current counter-revolution’s definition of liberty–emancipation from the centuries’ proven principles of right and wrong–has failed, is obvious. History’s parallels give ample demonstration of the ruin that lurks in the wake of mere emancipated minds. Even ethical teachings and morality, though helpful, will not suffice. Moral philosophy is not the force that controls the acts of men and liberates them from selfishness. It takes a positive belief in God who made us and loves us more than we love ourselves.
The God of creation is patient. In His divine perfection, He most graciously extended to His created beings an opportunity to return His love and enjoy His fellowship. Man chose to reject God, and sin was born. God did not want it this way, but it was man’s choice. What is commonly called the “good news” is that in spite of our rejection of God, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son [Jesus who knew no sin and died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins] that whosoever believeth in Him [accepts Christ’s substitutionary death on the cross as payment for his own sins] should not perish, but have everlasting life [saved from the penalty of sinful deeds and brought into fellowship and abundant blessing with God here and in Heaven]” (John 3:16). This true message of Christ has always produced changed lives. Men see justice as a friend and not as inhumane; self-discipline becomes a sought-after goal consistent with truth. These changed lives have produced lasting changes in nations.
~ David Norris