By 1962–63, the security of morality-based jurisprudence was being displaced by liberal lawyer majorities on the Supreme Court. Deceptive definition changes applied to First, Fourth, Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments through the ensuing years have hidden a collectivist agenda from students and the public. Within ten years, some journalists and a small tenured radical teacher minority in public schools were green lighting harmful lifestyles. On January 22, 1973, the majority or U.S. Supreme Court lawyers handed down their precedent-controlling Roe v. Wade pro-abortion decision and forced it upon the states and local communities. In 2016, some who claim their sexual identity does not match traditionally accepted male and female genders have succeeded in forcing the removal of separate male and female bathrooms in public buildings and larger businesses, including our public schools.

By refusing to compromise the principles of the Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Bill of [unalienable citizen] Rights, we reject practices that violate God-centered order. Negotiating and compromising with moral revisionists and objectors of local citizen control in schools bring out an understanding that we are living in a shark-infested environment. Secular militants will agree to compromise, but then immediately, using deception, attack the truth to retain total control.

Abraham Lincoln emphasized that the Declaration of Independence always pulls America back toward its ideals. On June 16, 1858, Abraham Lincoln reminded the nation, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Actions of the southern states were unjust. Lincoln could not compromise the meaning of our Constitution without compromising justice and human equality.

Successful business people avoid partnering with those who stretch the truth. If Abraham Lincoln had compromised with those who twisted the meaning of the Constitution, he would have been involved in a falsehood. Success requires courageous leadership. First defenders of values in our day are the parents and grandparents who send their youth to God-honoring schools that are independent from secular Genesis 3:4-5 propaganda. The Declaration of Independence outlines the importance of separating from those who are dishonest.

We have reason to be optimistic that the best days are yet to come, but all of us, as did early Americans, have work to do.

~ D. Norris

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