A detailed rejection of The Ten Commandments on the Courthouse Lawn and Elsewhere was written by Professor Paul Winkelman and published in a Fordham Law Review, Volume 73, Issue 4, Article 9, in 2005. Winkelman’s law review thoroughly resourced the subject as far as it goes, but he did not treat the history of law in America in a credible manner.

There are slight variations of the Ten Commandments, but that does not discourage immigrant Americans from placing them where they belong—in classrooms and the courthouse. Professor Winkelman seems to suggest that the Commandments be prohibited on government property, schools, courthouses, etc. because they are taught by the moral religions, which supposedly makes it a violation of First Amendment law. How foolish! Morality is universal and always prevails when applied. It is the core human value that encompasses all education, law, and relationships that proves helpful.

Theology unique to many societies may lead people to worship false gods, but moral standards for civility are universally held in the minds of men. Professor Winkelman, in his paper, included the fact that opposition to murder, theft, perjury and adultery, etc. is universal in human societies. He’s right on that; but the law he recommends does not.

Paraphrasing Webster, individuals who have not defiled their consciences have feelings, which tell him whether they are doing something that is right or wrong. When their conscience is not defiled (by continual school room exposure to the false religion of secularism five hours a day, nine months a year for years, for example) respect for morality does prevail. It is the one core value that encompasses all education, law, and relationships that proves helpful.

As Justice Brandeis said, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” Secular intellectuals claim to be patriots because, as they say, dissent is American. What they mean is evident from how their deception has gutted traditional American values for law and education. They demand freedom for themselves, but reject academic freedom (the freedom to be honestly informed) and the freedom of others to choose. The soft underbelly of the secular left is the fact that they cannot withstand the competition of ideas. For them, it is intolerable to allow students to learn of the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God that entitle them, a decent respect…

Professor Winkelman is not a liar. As a university student, he was probably the victim of the colossal fraud now being imposed on many students in lower level classrooms. Teaching distortions that twist the intent and meaning of American charters for government is advancing lies.

Freedom of conscience is as much an American value for law, as the principle of human equality is a standard for justice. By maintaining a clear conscience, we know what we are doing is or is not morally right. “For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves” (Romans 2:14). The Scripture continues, “which she the work of the law written in their hearts.”

Worldwide terrorism is less a threat to liberty in America than the secularization of instruction in captive taxpayer-funded classrooms.

~ D. Norris

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