Deception in the hard sciences, such as math and physics, is difficult to accomplish because the outcome and proof of error is instant. Great harm can occur, however, when there are secularized interpretations of a soft science, as the damage done usually appears later. The soft sciences include literature, journalism, political science, life origins biology, history, law studies, religion, social studies, arts and psychology. To be a friend of the family, community and nation, the soft sciences must be taught from the perspective of an impartial Higher Authority, not atheistic secular correctness.

At our local university, a program requiring all students to participate in additional studies beyond the basic courses required has been instituted. This parallels the harmful change to captive student classrooms in lower level teacher-tenured government school systems. A fracas started when a student complained about education costs saying that students should be allowed to choose their own extra-curricular courses. The student was right and the professor, a political science instructor, was wrong. The professor, who may be a saint for all I know, said, according to the Ames, Iowa Tribune, January 31, 2014, “I almost wept with laughter.”

Even now a small militant cadre within the soft sciences appear to be pushing leftist political correctness campus-wide. This appears to reflect the atmospherics championed by some tenured professors in the university religion studies department. The purpose of public education is destroyed when militant secular exclusivists, powered by government enabling controls, get the upper hand. It is my estimate that the conspicuous campus activity by just a few tenured leftist secular instructors has cost Iowa State University tens of millions of dollars in donor gifts.

Readers might suggest that the Iowa Board of Regents and university presidents eliminate this captive classroom project. That will not work. It has been tried elsewhere. Radicals, knowing they cannot be fired, have gone ahead and taught what they very well please. The Board of Regents, superintendents and school boards with character, side with the students and general public and seek to dismantle any and all tenure guarantees for professors in the soft sciences—thereby empowering the good teachers, who can teach unhindered by self-righteous antagonists.

School Board members and administrators, who are qualified, will take seriously the fact that youthful trust, inexperience, and vulnerability to exploitation require that the learning environment be protected. God has given mankind a wonderful mind to explore the universe, but with one exception—we are not to defile our minds by learning the details and experiencing the snares of evil (Genesis 2:17, 3:13; Isaiah 5:15-16, 20; Romans 16:19; James 1:12-17).

Regardless of where schools manage to get their funding, if it fails to advocate morality, the sanctity of marriage, parental responsibility, and the Golden Rule for treating others, it is not public education. It is ______________ (you fill in the blank).

~ D. Norris

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