“There are more sure marks of authenticity in the Bible than in any profane history” (Sir Isaac Newton).

Backed by the 1947 Supreme Court decision Everson v. Board of Education, militant objectors to American principles and the American creed bullied their way into controlling the atmosphere of American public schools.  Instead of upholding their oath to abide by the Constitution, judges rule by “incalculable and changeable decrees.”  Rule by men replaced government by established law.  The reasoning behind their decision reflects the old European secular doctrine of open-mindedness for dumbing the people down and transforming society.  Instead of being umpires, unelected judges are trampling on the sacred rights of the people by legislating superior rights for the enemies of responsible liberty.

A report by the nonpartisan Commission on Excellence in Education remains the premier American study of problems in public education.  It states:  “The educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity that threatens our very future as a Nation and a people… If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war.”  The report laments “the deconstruct of the moral and spiritual strengths which knit together the very fabric of our society.”

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores have declined, and today the United States ranks academically near the bottom of the world’s industrialized nations.  College seniors have no better grasp of general cultural knowledge than did high school graduates in the 1950s.  The average correct responses for modern college seniors on a series of questions was 53.5 percent, compared to 54.5 percent of high school graduates in 1955 (survey by Zogby International, April 2002, for the Princeton, New Jersey-based National Association of Scholars, presented by NAS President Stephen H. Balch in December 2002).

In the fall of 2005, researchers at the University of Connecticut’s National Civic Literacy Board conducted a survey of some 14,000 freshmen and seniors at fifty colleges and universities.  Students were asked sixty multiple-choice questions to measure their knowledge in four subject areas:  American history, government, international relations and market economy.  Seniors, on average, failed all four subjects and their overall average score was 53.2 percent.*

The abuse of academic freedom and teacher tenure guarantees is rooted in the old European secular philosophy.  John S. Brubacher and Willis Rudy point out that, when Darwinian advocates coupled their “origin and destiny of man” theory with the authoritarianism of “German graduate methods [faculty independence]… academic freedom became a cause celebre [highly controversial].”   According to Darwinian militants, “There is no fixed limit or perfect form of knowledge and, that on the contrary, truth is always tentative” (John S. Brubacher, and Willis Rudy, Higher Education Transition, New York:  Harper and Row, 1958, 296 and 306).

“I believe that religion is the only solid base of morals and that morals are the only possible support of free governments.  Therefore education should teach the precepts of religion and the duties of man towards God” (Gouverneur Morris, Signer of the Constitution).

*The Coming Crisis in Citizenship:  Higher Education’s Failure to Teach America’s History and Institutions, 09/26/2006, Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s National Civic Board Report.  See http://www.americancivicliteracy.org/2007/summary_summary.html.

~ David Norris

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