“Without learning, men are incapable of knowing their rights, and where learning is confined to a few people, liberty can be neither equal nor universal” (Dr. Benjamin Rush, Essay, 1786).

Our families and nation are at risk.  Where moral law ends, tyranny begins.  Some sixty years ago, public schools were still circulating the A Golden Treasury From The BIBLE pamphlet full of wholesome character-building Bible verses.  The God-rejecting secular worldview imposed upon education by control of just a few militant teachers, protected by union contract negotiators, has undoubtedly put our nation “conceived in liberty” to the ultimate test.

The tactics of a small group of tenured teachers have forcibly elevated sexual promiscuity, infanticide and other practices devastating to students and society to the status of education legitimacy.  Because of the tactics of secular militants, good teachers, students and even the taxpayers who pay the teachers’ salaries, are afraid to object.  These few radicals have the power to totally disrupt the education process.  School administrators know this.  Teacher tenure laws, approved by current state laws, force administrators to leave bad teachers in control of the God-rejecting anti-Christian education climate.

This is not a strictly religious matter.  The consequences of rejecting the life-enhancing Laws of Nature are easily seen in daily experience.  Even though some parents do not give creation’s God credit for life-enhancing standards, they take their children out of government public schools to avoid exposing them to evil suggestiveness.

What do we mean by LIBERTY?  We do not need new principles to solve our problems.  We need America; meaning, we need to advance again and apply the civic values of the American Judeo-Christian heritage.  The Preamble (purpose) for the Constitution reads to “… secure the BLESSINGS of LIBERTY to ourselves and our posterity…”  If we do not succeed in alerting our young people, our friends and others, to what the enemies of American liberty are accomplishing, there will no longer be the kind of liberty that inspires the “BLESSINGS of LIBERTY for our posterity [descendants].”  The purpose of the Constitution includes “… establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare…” (meaning common needs that do not conflict with or hamper the development of the work ethic and citizen self-reliance).

If we do not succeed in alerting others, ill-advised politicians will, at the expense of taxpayers, justify benefits for voters from birth to grave.

D. Norris

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