Perhaps the most virulent among the education strategists in American universities and colleges are the Marxists.  
The five paragraphs noted below are from the book Understanding the Times by Dr. David A. Noebel, published by Harvest House Publishers, Manitou Springs, Colorado, in 1999, pages 19-20.  Citation sources detailed in the book are listed in parentheses.
“The strides made by Marxism at American universities in the last two decades are breathtaking,” says New York University’s Herbert London.  He reports that two self-declared “Marxist historians, Eugene Genovese and William A. Williams, were elected presidents of the Organization of American Historians in successive elections.  Louise Kampf, a radical with Marxist predilections, was elected president of the Modern Languages Association” (Herbert London, “Marxism Thriving on American Campuses,” The World and I, January, 1987).
“The field of American history has come to be dominated by Marxists and feminists” (Dr. Arnold Beichman and Professor John P. Diggens, Accuracy in Academia Campus Report, July/August 1987).
“Marxist academics are today’s power elite in the universities” (Georgie Anne Geyer, “Marxism Thrives on Campuses,” a Denver Post article, quoted by Arnold Beichman, August 29, 1989, B7).
“The complexion of education in everything from genetics to sociology and psychology has become decidedly, materialistic” (Malachi Martin, The Keyes of This Blood, “The Rising Tide of Marxists’ Interpretation of History, Law, Religion and Scientific Inquiry,” 262).
It is believed that there are at least “ten thousand Marxist professors on America’s campuses” (David B. Richardson, “Marxism in US Classrooms,” US News and World Report, January 25, 1982, 42-45).
Without the senseless intrusion of collective bargaining authority for unions and teacher tenure laws, Marxism could never have become rooted in public education, and ultimately rooted in our society. 
~ David Norris