BBC News World Edition
This is the British Broadcasting Company’s site; news often offered with a different flare than we hear in the United States. BBC is recognized as a source for world news.
Television and radio news plus historical links.

Drudge Report
This site is often the first place to find important news. Drudge is linked to various news sources around the world. Drudge reports news the mainstream media people tend to ignore.

Fox News
News and views from a balanced ideological perspective.

Google News
A new delivery from Google, this site is quite simply the only place where you can search and browse over 4,000 continuously updated news sources.

Mission Network News
MNN offers a quality presentation of current events in evangelical Christian missions.

This link covers thousands of newspapers world-over by region.

Paul Harvey
The official website of the voice people all over the United States have trusted for news since 1951.

The Jerusalem Post
If you believe that Israel has eschatological importance or are interested in a frontline source of news from the Middle East, this is a place to start.

The Wall Street Journal Online
Business and other news from around the world.

The Washington Times
News and commentary from a conservative perspective.

Yahoo! News
This page features links to all Yahoo! news headlines.
Zogby International is a premier polling and research institution and offers interesting news and articles online.