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The Fundamental Evangelistic Association (Los Osos, CA) offers extensive articles and links on many subjects from the Bible-based Christian perspective.

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Bill of Rights–The Bible Perspective
Prominence, heritage, wealth, religion or education do not entitle one person or an elitist class to have control above others. This biblical concept for government, adopted by some Baptists, is a principal emphasis in the American Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights which greatly restrict the use of government power. Baptists of the Danbury (Connecticut) Association are credited by historians for advocating a strong Bill of Rights addition to the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson who corresponded with the Baptists did NOT advocate that the influence of biblical principals of right and wrong be separated from public policy. To the contrary, independent churches, unfettered by state-sactioned elites of any kind, tend to bolster the moral character of citizens. GOVERNMENT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A REFLECTION OF ITS CITIZENS–THE MORE DECENT THE CITIZENS, THE MORE DECENT THE GOVERNMENT.

Christian Answers Network
This site is a good resource for those who have questions about the Bible and Christianity. The large database from an evangelical Christian perspective dealing with contemporary issues.

Church/State Wall of Separation
A tragic lesson occurred in medieval Europe and later when the Roman Catholic hierarchy also became rulers of the government. Power corrupts–authority held by any group other than the people themselves who are free to choose in matters of worship and education and are free to elect or reject candidates for public office is tyranny by definition.

Crosswalk Bible Gateway
Crosswalk’s Bible portal features a variety of Bible translations, dictionaries, commentaries, and many other resources for Bible study and Christian living.

Desiring God Ministries
DGM is the resource branch of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis and exists to proclaim that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. The site has an extensive collection of articles on many areas of Christian living.

Four Spiritual Laws
Just as there are physical laws that govern the physical universe, so are there spiritual laws which govern our relationship with God.

The McKenzie Study Center
The MSC is an institute of Gutenberg College; their site is chock full of articles that will spur you toward thinking and living in a uniquely Christian way. MSC’s goal is to help Christians learn to study the Bible, study and explain the biblical gospel, and explore and promote a Christian worldview.

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