Action Links

CBS Market Watch
Investing information.

City Directory
Business and individual directories for over 1,000 cities.

C-Span Store
On this site you can purchase C-SPAN videotapes and products; 7,000 videotapes that have aired during the last months can be browsed or searched in the store.

DaySpring Free E-Cards
DaySpring has a nice selection of free e-cards which may be sent without registering into their system.

Discovery Channel
The website for the cable station has links to about everything-like many websites, it takes some navigation to fully utilize this resource.
You can find books and other merchandise here for half to a third of what the same thing may cost you elsewhere.

Hallmark Free E-cards
Free e-cards from Hallmark! Send free electronic greeting cards, e-cards and postcards with personalized messages. Cards for all holidays.

This site allows you to check prices on travel arrangements and accommodations.
Find what any community has to offer: businesses, schools, newspapers, etc.

This site offers free driving directions, maps, and satellite images.
Search over 10,000 online.

Orbitz is a joint effort of the major U.S. airlines.

Peace with God and Self
Your part.

Priceline allows you to choose your own price, then lets you know if your offer has been accepted.
Find stations by location worldwide. PowerSearch
Interactive Marketing gives competitive prices for computers and other products.

The Library of Congress
Everything from books to newspapers, history, and the U.S. Copyright Office.

The New York Public Library
Online resources galore.

The Smithsonian
The Smithsonian Institution offers a ton of information online and other sites including a link to their History Wired tour of important materials not on display in the museum.

Travelocity checks multiple airlines to show you the best rate they can get you.

The Weather Channel
At this site you can check the weather in any region of the United States or the world.

White Pages
Telephone directory U.S.A.

Yahoo! Stocks
Check the price of stocks online at Yahoo!.

Yellow Pages
Business telephone directory U.S.A.

Capital One Money Markets
Investing information.

CNN Money
Markets & Stocks.

Focus on the Family
Nurturing and Defending Families Worldwide