“Who has academic freedom, the parent/taxpayer or the teacher? Is the parent, who once had academic freedom, now to be deprived because a teacher was hired? Most agree that anyone can teach what he pleases on his own, but must not [take advantage of his own] academic freedom by robbing taxpayers of their freedom to direct public education in the public’s interest, based upon the learning process and established knowledge” (Grand Jury, cited in a previous blog).

The viable code of ethics is the result of education, not force. The following is from the Grand Jury Presentment, previously cited. “Those who place their present faith and future hope in law enforcement to conduct [guide] humanity to brighter times ignore a fundamental psychological truth. It is impossible to superimpose an effective code of ethics through compulsion. Police force provides nothing more corrective than temporary control of faulty behavior traceable to education’s failure to implant established knowledge of morality and the precepts of individual responsibility.”

Good laws protect all citizens, including teachers’ rights to fund and support political candidates they choose. Laws allowing teacher unions to impose dues on a politically diverse group of teachers, and use their dues to elect politicians committed to the union’s secular agenda, is a violation of representative government.

This violation of citizen rights reminds one of authoritarian graduate methods [faulty independence from the people who finance education for civil society]. Academic freedom became a cause celebre [highly controversial]. Of course, it is controversial. To think that the Dean of a soft science, political, education, social, or behavioral studies department would be independent from meaningful supervision of the chief school administrator, the Board of Regents, and the people-elected legislators is irrational. What should such consequent situation be called in the American Republic?*

It also appears to be criminal to force a community to spend months and tens of thousands of dollars for lawyers to debate a teacher employment privilege, for what the school taxpayer majority sees as a violation of decent standards. Call it what you want, but allowing a sectarian union to override citizen control for what government education teaches as a code of ethics has staggering international consequences.

To earn employment, teachers are duty bound to support the school administrator who is employed by the citizens to superintend the quality of education acceptable to taxpaying parent employers. This involves responsibility at three levels:

  1. Taxpayer parents must sacrifice and pay both the administrator and teachers for their employment.
  2. The school board members elected by the people have the responsibility to choose a school administrator who in turn will select teachers that can teach the hard sciences. Every bit as important is the duty of school board members to support the superintendent’s concern for classroom character instruction.

    To be worthy of taxpayer funding, teachers will uphold and honor the role of parents and In God We Trust, the official motto of the United States. A good school board and superintendent will continually encourage teachers to set a good example, to oppose moral revisionism, and reject any hint of instruction that could justify enmity or hatred between the sexes and races.

  3. America is a for, by, and of the people Republic. Teacher candidates have the duty to be honest when declaring their support for traditional American family, human dignity, and civil community standards. Teachers are employed by taxpaying parent citizens who pay their teacher salaries and maintain the school property. Most parents who object to American Judeo-Christian education traditions, kindly opt their children out of assemblies where prayer or some similar activity occurs. Parents who object to In God We Trust assemblies and demand that atheistic secular education be imposed on all students fit the definition of totalitarian or fascist authoritarians. The desire to avoid oppression of this kind caused tens of millions of immigrants from around the globe to seek refuge in America.

If citizens learn what has caused this precipitous education decline, things will change. The people will then elect legislators committed to replacing harmful collective bargaining laws and restoring the right of school boards and superintendents to dismiss harmful and uncooperative teachers without fear of tenured secular militants. The good teacher majority can then emphasize their love for American foundations, In God We Trust, family, and country without fear.

The previously quoted Grand Jury emphasized that “Our soldier boys have been dying for this ideal. Education as never before should clearly teach it. So say we.”**

*John S. Brubacher and Willis Rudy, Higher Education Transition, New York, Harper and Row, 1958, Chapter 15, Academic Freedom.
**Boston, Massachusetts, Boston Record, edition January 7, 1969. Reported Ames, Iowa Tribune, Editorial Page, January 14, 1969).

~ D. Norris

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