Liberty vs. Tyranny…

“In God We Trust” vs.
God-Rejecting Secularism
American Principles vs.
Contemporary Liberalism
History-Based Predictability vs.
Revisionist History
Moral Truth is Absolute vs.
Revisionist Morality
Stability, Rule of Law vs.
Exploitation, Rule of Man
Government by Written and Permanent Law vs.
Government by Incalculable and Changeable Decree
Laws Anchored by the Constitution vs.
The Constitution Is Treated as a Political Document
Religious and Political Ideas Open to Competition vs.
Religious and Political Ideas Imposed by Tenured Leftists
Decisions by and for the People Through Elected Representatives
vs. Decisions by Tenured Government Authoritarians
Wages Result from Skills, Supply and Product Demand vs.
Wages Controlled by Established Authoritarians
Limited Government, Taxes Kept Low vs.
Oppressive Government, Indulgent Taxation
Only Criminals Who by the Citizens’ Consensus are Violating God-Given Individual Rights or Commit Other Crimes Against Society are Punished vs.
People Determined by Authoritarians to be in Violation of the Secular Agenda for Social Engineering are Isolated Politically and Punished
Spirit of Liberty–Hard Work and Self-Reliance vs.
Responsibility Relinquished to Collective Authoritarians
Spiritual Continuity vs.
Destruction of Spiritual Continuity
Youth and Immigrants Must be Educated to Appreciate the Above vs.
Keep the People in Fear and Dumbed Down, Proud and Secular
~ David Norris