Public education is funded by the people to serve the public interest. Parents, education taxpayers, legislators and regents do not approve of teachers who promote deviant moral behavior. Right?

Public Concerns

The Iowa Board of Regents has failed to uphold the standards for academic freedom needed by the soft science colleges on Iowa university campuses. When radicals (more about that in my next post) do not get their way, they may petition academians who do not believe in religious competition and come up with several hundred signatures. This discourages the all-important university inclusiveness and prevents the opportunity for critical thinking needed by students.

We dislike criticizing the Regents as they are good people, but if the Regents cannot now see the problem and commit themselves to correction, the legislature needs to provide a remedial emendation. This may call for a shift of funding away from the soft science side of our university campuses. Hard science math, physics, engineering, etc. are not affected by the socio/politics of radicals; the hard side of campus studies can justify more funding.

The difference today is that a few tenured humanist professors in the soft sciences of the three state universities in Iowa have stopped bringing in rebels to broadcast their hatred for American values. Now they themselves have been skillfully defiling the minds of their unsuspecting youthful captive classroom students. They are aggressive, using intimidation to deny education the right of religious freedom.

Atheistic Evolution Humanism or “In God We Trust” for Truth?

This was reported in the Ames (Iowa) Tribune Opinion section, page A6, January 24, 2018. The Opinion page title by the three professors listed below: “Why we do not support the religious scripture bill” (the Religious Freedom Restoration Act)

  • Hector Avalos, professor of religious studies, Iowa State University
  • Kenneth Atkinson, professor of history, University of Northern Iowa
  • Robert R. Cargill, assistant professor of classics and religious studies …, University of Iowa

[The professors, of course, have the right to challenge what they call a “religious scripture bill,” but their authority as religious studies employees of a public institution is not Divine. It reminds one of the exclusivist Latin religion that controlled education and prohibited religious competition during Medieval European history. Is not religious freedom necessary for education? The basis for the Declaration of Independence is, “… all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator,” and for the Constitution of the United States which concludes by emphasizing “… in the Year of our Lord…”]

Part of the professors’ three-column Opinion article in the Ames Tribune:

Paragraph 1: “As professors of biblical studies at regents’ universities in Iowa, we have experience teaching courses on the Bible.” [yes, humanistic professors teach students that “In God We Trust” and Creation science are not relevant. The radical professors in the humanities’ soft sciences, which are subject to manipulation, are imposing their strongly held religious beliefs that the evolutionary theory is the origin of life. Although not atheistic, even branches of the Church of England in the colonies tried to enforce a state religion education monopoly. The people in the United States and their Constitutional delegates rejected it. When some American radicals immigrated to Russia, the motherland of the Marxist Communist movement, they were required to undergo a “two-year study” of Darwin’s monopoly version of evolution (Institute for Creation Research).*]

Paragraph 2 from the professors: “It is a bill sponsored by, among other legislators, Skyler Wheeler, who has been a strong proponent of allowing public schools to teach alternatives to evolution.” [Norris opinion: Representative Wheeler is doing the RIGHT THING. Tyranny quite naturally follows when the selection of college professors to be tenured in the soft sciences is policed by Creator-rejecting radicals. Evolution between different biological kinds is impossible. Different living kinds often have some ability for adjusting to changes in their environment, but this IS NOT EVOLUTION.*]

From the professors, Paragraph 4: “Although the language of the bill seems to advocate neutrality, the fact is that it opens the door for teachers, most of whom have little or no training in academic biblical studies, to impose their personal religious opinions about the Bible upon students.” [Norris opinion: 95% of our teachers are NOT ignorant. The Declaration of Independence declares, “. . . that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator . . .” and the Constitution of the United States concludes, “. . . in the Year of our Lord . . ..” DO the professors tell students that the word “good” we use today is a derivative of the word “God” in the Bible, reaching back over 4,000 years?*]

Do the three professors tell students that, in spite of massive persecution, Christianity is the largest single ongoing religion in the world while variable secular empires clutter the cemeteries of history?]

Professors’ seventh paragraph: “The fact is that biblical Christians throughout history have held widely divergent opinions . . ..” [Norris opinion: yes, Christians exercise the right to express differing opinions. This competition among believers is helpful. They have the benefit, however, of reliable moral standards—thou shall not steal or tell lies, the Golden Rule, the nuclear family and historical proofs. The radical religious studies professors are free to express their atheistic preferences in the newspaper, but have NO RIGHT to withhold from students the beneficial facts about American history.*]

The radical soft science professor employees of the state are free to express their opinion in the newspaper, but have absolutely no right to withhold beneficial facts about life and history from students. Religious liberty (File 2031) is indispensable for university campus inclusiveness and justifiable taxpayer education.

IT IS THE DUTY OF THE IOWA BOARD OF REGENTS to establish clearly defined rules for the university presidents in order to halt deviant humanist professor intimidation and control over another college department. Five suggestions:

FIRST, when radicals seek to prevent “In God We Trust” type diversity, rightly chosen by a college, or impede tenure advancement of an employee sought by a college department, and radicals’ employment contracts prohibit them from being fired, as should happen. Their REBELLIOUS involvement should become a permanent part of their employment record.

SECOND, when the promotion of a teacher candidate by any college department has been openly challenged by campus militants, the employee’s promotion sought by a college should then become automatic.

THIRD, and VERY IMPORTANT, when the subject of religion comes up in any of the universities’ classrooms, students MUST have the opportunity to express their opinions without grade penalties. The Ames, Iowa, Public School Board RESTORED THIS First Amendment education right in 2017.

FOURTH, the Regents should not approve any funding for humanities soft science projects, including new construction, until the Creation sciences have uncontested footing equal to that of the humanist evolution fabrication.

FIFTH, the Grand Jury, mentioned earlier, noticed that President Parks’ spokesman for the Iowa State Lectures Committee shifted the blame for advocating DEVIANT sexual behavior by using the Regents’ mandate, “salient points of view.” If this has not already been done by the Regents, it is important to be specific about moral intent so that advocating deviant behavior is not an option.

The purpose of university education is freedom for competition of ideas between different college departments essential for critical reasoning by students. What we now have is tyranny against the moral fiber of our youth and nation.

It is important that many citizens express their concerns to the Iowa Board of Regents, 11260 Aurora Avenue, Urbandale, Iowa 50322.

Nothing is more known as the enemy of man, foe of civilization and man’s marvelous capacity for reasoning than the opponents of traditional God-honoring education.

*Opinion in brackets by Ames, Iowa citizen David A. Norris, president of the Heartland Foundation, Inc. and described by book publishers as a self-taught historian.

This is a follow-up of the Grand Jury’s Presentment, Problems in Higher Education, published January 1969. The jury members unanimously charged that university students were being pelted by “moral pollution.” Paul Harvey dedicated his nationwide radio broadcast to the Presentment. (Documentation by the Iowa-based Heartland Foundation, Inc., chartered in 1981)

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~ D. Norris