This is a follow-up of the Grand Jury’s Presentment, Problems in Higher Education, published January 1969. The jury members unanimously charged that university students were being pelted by “moral pollution.” For a brief of the Grand Jury report, see the home page at Media interest was nationwide. Paul Harvey dedicated his nationwide radio broadcast to the Presentment.

The segment below is from a Grand Jury Presentment that was damaging to the Regents who failed to deal with a serious problem. Back in the day.

Grand Jury Presentment for the 11th Judicial District of Iowa, Problems in Higher Education, released late December 1968 and reported nationwide.

“The Iowa Board of Regents is responsible to the public for education at the state universities. It is the Board of Regents who must lay down corrective policy on behalf of the people. The taxpayers, having the final responsibility for the universities, quite properly should have the authority to change the Board of Regents’ membership or take other measures if they find themselves in disagreement with Board policy. If the established procedures for governing at this level leave the Regents insensitive to public interest, then it is time to update governing procedures.

“The citizen public, having given the Board of Regents the responsibility to implement public policy, must also leave them the authority to go to the university president, who has the executive responsibility of the university. The university president, vested with the responsibility by the Board of Regents, has the authority to replace his or her aides if they are not supporting the public interest.

“There is a need for increased emphasis on the American ideal at all levels of education. We believe our revolutionary concepts are a most exciting and important subject. It seems rather clear that the nerve center for society, the power for social revolution is inherent in the adult electorate rather than in the schools [old European secular authoritarianism], and that the radical missionaries should be sent to the electorate, not to the captive classroom audience of youthful minds.

“The idea . . . that the people of this land should not be trusted with the complexities of education is absurd. The greatness of America places the educational and political emphasis under the control of the people. Our soldiers have been dying for this ideal. Education should clearly teach it. Even in imperfection, it has achieved greatness for Americans unparalleled in history. Every individual is important, and the mature public make the decision over government–something that atheistic humanist governments do not and cannot provide. Problems compound if not corrected–no single level of education should be considered a vacuum, . . . but it is going on! The students of colleges are, after all, the graduates of American elementary and secondary schools.

“We, the adults and teachers of today, are the graduates of high schools, colleges, and universities in the recent past. Not only are various levels of American education interrelated, but the problems also feed back upon one another to produce a complex of relationships that affect us all and must be handled wisely. A faulty experiment impacting the socio/political mindset may not be detected for generations, too late to reverse and avoid disaster.”

Charles Darwin influenced his friend, Karl Marx, and Marx blanketed universities worldwide with Darwin-Marxist secularism, promising that this would usher in a utopia. Some teachers, having no respect for their Creator and proud of their mental prowess, bought the Darwinian-Marxist propaganda hook, line and sinker. Their promise of a God-rejecting materialistic worldview now waxes subtly in many American law schools, history studies and other subjects in soft science classrooms. Religious secularism is at war against the Judeo-Christian faith upon which American Charters and citizen self-rule stand. Removing God, prayer, moral absolutes and respect for our government is textbook Darwinian-Marxist orthodoxy.

Variations of what we now call Darwinism have for centuries required continual reconfiguration because they rest on ideological sand. The cemeteries of history are cluttered with secular empires that persecuted Christians, and yet Christianity is the largest single religion in the world. God’s love is divine and everlasting. This includes forgiving the sins of believers, paid for by the sinless Christ at Calvary. God’s gift for the humble, Jesus said: “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me” (Revelation 3:20; also see Isaiah 53:5).

The problem of managerial insurrection by university employees needs to be confronted and corrected by Regents’ policy. When employees from the religious studies department or other departments fail to respect this, it calls for dismissal of the person in charge who is tolerating the rebellion, or an automatic grant/promotion to the employee whose offer by the university is under attack. This is necessary for honest campus-wide university inclusiveness and critical thinking by students. Winston Churchill rightly said, “The truth is impossible to disprove. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

A judge for the 11th Judicial District of Iowa and Story County Attorney asked David A. Norris to chair the above mentioned Grand Jury. Three Republicans, three Democrats and Norris, a Republican, investigated problems of Iowa universities. The report was unanimous in making several recommendations. The above segment represents a fraction of the Presentment. Heartland Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit public service organization chartered February 2, 1981. Norris retired from a business career in 1982. Publishers classify him a self-taught historian.

~ D. Norris