Mary Ellen Bork, the widow to the late federal Judge Robert Bork wrote in response to an article in the Wall Street Journal reminding readers of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s opposition in 1987 to her husband’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. President Ronald Reagan nominated Judge Bork, and he was among the most qualified ever nominated. Democrats and the press then unleashed an unprecedented political assault. 

Mrs. Bork explained in her letter that this rejection was due to “vicious political campaigning” against her “Bob.” Quote from her letter: “Regarding your editorial Breaking Judicial Norms: A History (Sept. 21, 2020): The week of hearings in 1987 showed me Joe Biden’s partisanship and pragmatism. Most people don’t remember the hearings on Robert Bork for nomination to the Supreme Court, but I do. I was there during the four months of vicious political campaigning against this judicial nominee, my husband, and in the Senate hearing room as then-Sen. Biden presided over a rigged hearing full of an unprecedented level of lying and distortion of a man known for his integrity and judicial wisdom. Democrats flagrantly lied about Bob’s record of opinions. On day four of the hearings Sen. Biden was accused of plagiarism and had to drop out of the presidential race. In the course of one week Sen. Biden orchestrated a vicious lying assault and was caught passing off someone else’s words as his own. Thirty-three years later he is still a man without a compass, guided now by prevailing progressive winds. After Bob left the court in 1988 to devote himself to writing and teaching, Democrats would often come up to him to apologize for the way the Democratic politicians treated him and would leave with tears in their eyes. We will all have tears in our eyes if Joe Biden is elected president.”

Thirty-three years later, Joe Biden is the same Joe Biden.

~ David Norris

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