A reader comments, “I’d like to understand this better ~ ‘When we compromise with the rejectors of morality and local citizen control over education, we strengthen the enemy and they know it’–particularly the part about local citizen control over education which I wholeheartedly support.” Is there a middle ground for a joint venture between two extremes?

We do not compromise with a person who sanctions immorality for two reasons, 1. they will agree with you and proceed to be dishonest about your reasoning when conversing with others; 2. They will then use your testimony in a deceptive way to mislead the people on your side of the argument.

Genesis 3:1-6 talks about two standards of morality. One acknowledges the human condition, our deceptive selfish nature, and asks God to come in and be on the throne (John 3:16). The other standard for morality chooses be a God-pretender, a rejector of the one true God, causing people to make foolish compromising decisions. What Adam and Eve chose when in the beautiful Garden of Eden was to reject their Maker’s advice. This gave Satan access to the emotions of all their descendants. Thus came the ever-present challenge, to fight against the intended destruction of all that is good.

We cannot compromise with those who do not believe in the value of citizen control over their local public education system. They are rejecting the sovereignty of man under God over government which is the pillar of the American Republic. These troublemakers have chosen to be our enemies; we who are citizens, sovereigns in a representative Republic, have the right to control what is taught in the local government public school.

~ D. Norris