To employ a leader claiming to be a Christian and expert in Constitutional law, but denying the power thereof, is a direct track to tyranny. Paraphrasing Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist referenced in a previous post, man’s sinful nature causes him to want power over other people and things to satisfy selfish greed.

Throughout history, dictators have used two tactics in their strategy for control. They always oppress 1) religio-education in public schools and 2) the opportunity for mature adults to control government policy by voting for representatives with competing ideas. To succeed, god-wannabes use the Genesis 3:4-5 deception to conquer double-minded people.

Our Creator-based Declaration of Independence is by far the best Charter for describing in plain English how freedom-loving people respond to the tyranny of big government collectivism. The separatist Declaration gave birth to the United States of America.

Citizen control essential for limited government depends not upon the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, but on the will of the people to uphold those Charters. In other words, young people, soon-to-be voting citizens, must know the history of tyranny associated with lying Genesis 3:4-5 politicians. Because of this, we support candidates for office based upon meaningful and telling experience, not by what they promise.

We need to get back to using historic American Common Law by and in the courts. Universal principles in Divine Law for government do exist. Just a few decades ago, President Harry S. Truman, when addressing the Justice Department, emphasized four books of the Bible that serve as the basis for traditional American Common Law.

To keep power under the control of the governed, there are two indispensable mechanisms that must be woven into government constitutions: 1) Freedom from atheistic political correctness and an open marketplace for ideas must be protected for establishing a consensus by the vote of citizens at the grassroots of society on important issues. Education and media failure to uphold the right to be informed for decision-making leads to deception and tyranny. 2) To prevent tyranny, governments must also be structured so the administrative, law-making and judicial functions of the three independent branches of government are clearly separated to prevent collusion by individuals or special interests to achieve monopoly control of government, and thus totalitarianism.

Natan Sharansky, born in Russia January 20, 1948, is an Israeli Human Rights author (i.e. The Case for Democracy) who spent nine years in a Soviet prison. He reminds us there are three kinds of people—the evangelical theist (morally bound by belief in a righteous and just God), the atheist (morally relativistic and proud) and then there are… the double-minded people. Sharansky emphasized, “Control of man’s greed from within can only be conquered by knowledge that leads to repentance and humbly, prayerfully submitting one’s soul to God’s protective benevolence made possible by the substitutionary gift of Christ.” A favorite practice among born-again Christians—“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” Proverbs 3:6.

~ David Norris