Government Resources

God and Country

This presentation teaches the connections between our nation’s history and the faith of our forefathers.

Grand Jury Presentment

This is an overview of a Grand Jury study dealing with problems in higher education. Their conclusions have proven to be correct and point to the need to remove tenure guarantees for teachers in the soft sciences.

Informed Patriotism: 15 American Principles

Definite and unique American Principles for governments do exist. It is the people who come together to form a government and fund the public treasury that give it power. The following truths provide the moral predicate for the citizens’ Bill of Rights

Limited Government

American government is restricted from the starting point, having no power. American governing charters follow the common law Bible pattern for equality, morality and justice. The powerful factor keeping government from getting out of hand is concerned people who are the sovereigns under God over government.

English common law adopted by Americans had received a boost from English barons who forced King John of England to accept the limited government Magna Carta, June 15, 1215. The Magna Carta included the citizen jury system, which requires guilty and innocent determinations in court trials where circumstances are not obviously  made by a local citizen’s jury. Government judges are not allowed to make those decisions. Of course, if the issue is unquestionable, it becomes a regular non-jury court procedure.

In 1772, Samuel Adams, speaking for the Founding Fathers of the American Constitution, stated: “The right to freedom being a gift from God Almighty…” The Constitution First Amendment religious liberty law provides that all religions have the right to compete peacefully fro supporting members is also a Bible principle.

The atheists’ promise of an evolutionary utopia rejects American God-honoring morality. To the extent that radical soft science teachers have surreptitiously dumbed-down public school students about the In God We Trust Constitutional premise, support for the family, racial equality, churches and liberty have been turning society upside down.