In The Road to Serfdom, published in 1944, author Friedrich A. Hayek understood the outcomes associated with government by and for the people, in contrast to governments controlled by hierarchical planners.

In our history, Americans were committed to a citizens’ Republic chain of command under God’s authority over government. That includes parent/taxpayer control over what is taught in the soft sciences. Taxpayer citizens established and continue to fund the education system and hire teachers to help in the teaching process. The citizens’ chain of command for controlling what is and what is not taught has been tragically disrupted by harmful collective bargaining laws and teacher job guarantees. Consequently, the people’s command sequence has become disrupted as well.

Teacher candidates who would challenge citizens’ authority and rule of law standards should NOT be eligible for employment, because when justice and truth are compromised, there is no justice. The duty of school board members is to serve taxpayer parents, grandparents, and the community. Board members, who do not uphold teachers who are committed to the moral needs of a civil and healthy society, have failed. The superintendent has a tough job. It is not possible to serve the community without the declared support of the school board members.

Backbone for all those in the citizens’ chain of command is important as a small radical minority will vigorously challenge them. Properly taught, new generations learn the higher authority code of ethics essential for family solidarity, civil community, and material prosperity. In that way, crimes that require costly lawyers and the courts to assess punishment are avoided.

When there is a breakdown of citizen authority, it must be corrected where the failure occurs. If a people’s board representative fails to select and support a discerning school superintendent, that school board member or members should not be re-elected. If, at the superintendent level, bad teachers are being hired, that administrator should be replaced on the authority of the school board, whose duty it is to represent the citizen majority. If the school board and superintendent find that a teacher is challenging the citizens’ code of ethics for family solidarity and community civility, that teacher should be replaced. Continued failure to replace bad teachers will destroy the educational foundations of this nation, conceived in liberty. They are, of course, free to teach in and fund their own education system, as is now done by separatists of many persuasions.

Authoritarian planners always destroy the principles of education that advance citizen self-rule and liberty. In Patrick Henry style, extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. Secular militants are just as committed to their agenda as we are. The loss of religious, economic, and political freedom and the loss of millions of innocent lives under the tyranny of Soviet socialism self-destructed in 70 years. It is true, as Hayek says, even when central planners start out well-intended, this evil cycle has continually repeated itself throughout history.

All that is needed to prevent such a tragic epoch is pro-God, pro-family, and pro-country public education, which renders hierarchical government planners powerless.

~ D. Norris

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