There are three achievements of secular progressives that have enabled leftists to control behavioral instruction in public schools.  Their first big achievement was the counterrevolution advanced by secular majorities on the Supreme Court.  Leftists’ opposition to American traditions and conventional morality intended by the US Constitution is illustrated by the Everson v. Board of Education decisions.  Second was the takeover, beginning in the 1960s, of the then-conservative National Education Association by leftist militants.  Also in the 1960s, secular progressives, committed to the elimination of self-government and liberty, reached their third achievement—the unionization of government teachers.

A government-established union monopoly, like an established state church, undermines the people’s right to choose between providers that must compete for a following.  Union monopolies have always been power-corrupting institutions.  Whatever their agenda by subject or region, accountability to the competition is removed and evil prevails.  Union monopolies are antithetical to government of, by, and for the people.  It is the collective political power foolishly granted to autoworker unions that brought the American auto industry to its knees.  It is the collective political advantage of unionism that makes it possible for radicals to impose their atheistic worldview over the objections of both the majority of parents and the millions of excellent teachers caught in the union web.

There are millions of hardworking teachers, but they have no more control over the lifeview being taught in the soft sciences than do parents.  Here’s an idea.  An entirely different system for educating American youth is needed that will bypass the leftist teachers’ union monopoly; the education tax must be routed through the parents, similar to the G.I. Bill following World War II.  This bill provided that education sought by veterans be paid from taxpayer revenues, and the veterans had the freedom to use the tuition grant in a public or private institution of their choice.

This consistent violation of citizen authority (government by, for, and of the people) is the radical politics of fascism—authoritarian hierarchical government.  The definition of fascism applied here is the politics of authoritarians who by any means prevent the citizens from exercising control over the use of government power through like-minded representatives.

~ David Norris

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