Hope for America rests on two motivational fronts. First, expose the leftists’ secular revisionism that causes students to lose faith in American foundations. Secondly, re-institute the non-sectarian Judeo-Christian natural and common law for protecting public school instruction that upholds morality and history.

  • We the people in this immigrant nation are against evil.
  • The cure for teenage suicide is not revisionist immorality.
  • The cure for poverty is not the increase of it.
  • The cure for oppression is not hiding it.
  • The cure for evil is not to justify it.
  • The cure for injustice is not legalizing it.

Societal values acceptable to public conduct are a higher standard than criminal conduct (I Corinthians 10:23). The societal views projected by school systems are subject to the superior judgment of ordinary citizens, their school board members, and administrators employed to superintend what students are and are not taught. Everyone, including students, caught in the union web of guaranteeing the employment of teacher rebels seem to be victimized, except those teachers who do not like societal standards, the lawyers hired by the union to defend teacher misfits, and the monopoly union bosses.

The skills required of a school superintendent for staff selection are great. The superintendent is challenged to understand the impact of relationships and the importance of retaining morality-sensitive administrators and teacher assistants. The chief administrator starts with the knowledge that students, even many college students, are still in the formative stage of development and vulnerable to the deception of secular open-mindedness. A teacher in the behavioral, social, and political studies is unqualified if he/she fails to warn students about life practices that destroy families, personal health and civil relationships. Decision-making for school boards about school facilities, etc. is important, but far more important should be their concern as representatives of the citizens for decent teacher standards and selection.

Choosing teacher-selecting committee members is one of the most important duties of the superintendent. I have an acquaintance that taught in the same school for over thirty years. The superintendent put that person on the selection committee because, as he said, “Your standards are exemplary.” Due diligence by teacher-selection committee members will point teacher candidates to a copy of the declining cultural statistics (shown below). This assures that the candidates understand that, if employed, they have the duty to uphold human dignity and strong family and community values. If a militant secular exclusivist gets through the gate, rebellion that hinders administration ability to champion the sacred rights of citizens becomes inevitable.

Circumstances may prevent it, but the assistance of a conservative school board member on the teacher selection committee would add to the protection needed by students, parents, and the good teacher majority. Union contracts that prevent school board members from assisting school administrators from interviewing teacher candidates should be rejected—period.

The ladder marks 1962 when the radical minority started to remove the God of creation 
and moral faith out of our schools. The graphs reflect public reports up to 2009.

~ D. Norris

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