The harm that has resulted from the activist Earl Warren Court (Supreme Court 1953 – 69) is beyond measure.

“On August 7, 1956, the Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security held a hearing on the ‘Limitation of Appellate Jurisdiction of the United States Supreme Court’ [arising from decisions by the Warren Court] at which Senator William E. Jenner testified:  “There was a time when the Supreme Court conceived its function to be the interpretation of the law.  For some time now, the Supreme Court has been making law–substituting its judgment for the judgment of the legislative branch.  We witness today the spectacle of a Court constantly changing the law, and even changing the meaning of the Constitution, in an apparent determination to make the law of the land what the Court thinks it should be.’  Echoing the testimony of others, Senator Jenner continued:  ‘The Senate was wrong.  The House of Representatives was wrong.  The Secretary of State was wrong.  The Department of Justice was wrong.  The State legislatures were wrong.  The State courts were wrong.  The prosecutors, both Federal and State, were wrong.  The juries were wrong.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation was wrong.  The Loyalty Review Board was wrong.  The New York Board of Education was wrong.  The California bar examiners were wrong…  The Ohio Committee on Un-American Activities was wrong.  Everybody was wrong except the attorneys for the Communist conspiracy and the majority of the United States Supreme Court.'”*

As long as the court fails to restore the First Amendment, intended to prevent, among other things, establishment of government employment guarantees, radical government teachers will continue to rip into the moral fabric of the American mind.  The Ten Commandments, featured on the walls of the US Supreme Court Building, will continue to be found and removed from schools and other public buildings throughout the nation.  Although this is being vigorously protested, American foundations in God-honoring faith was largely absent form the new Visitor Center that has now become a gateway to the Capitol Building in Washington DC.  Even the words “religion and morality” were stripped from the education mandate of the Northwest Ordinance displayed in the Visitor Center.

The war against the Judeo-Christian foundation for American law, self-government and the spirit of liberty extends beyond the censorship of American history and foundational American beliefs from public school textbooks.  No nation, however great, can withstand the politicization of the soft sciences that comes with the establishment of teacher union tenure laws.  “All power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”**  Perhaps the greatest damage has been the loss of quality education taught unabashedly by pro-family, pro-life and pro-American teacher majority.  Good teachers simply submit or leave the profession.  The soft sciences in schools saddled by tenure laws are not the only victim.  Student abilities in the hard sciences have suffered.

*Phyllis Schlafly, The Supremacists:  The Tyranny of Judges and How to Stop It, Dallas, TX:  Spence Publishing Company, 2004, p. 108.

**John Dalberg, Letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, an English historian refuting the dogma of papal infallibility, April 3, 1887.

~ David Norris

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