Everything is political. All academic subjects must be seen through the prism of gender and race oppression, including history, literature, social relationships and even private conservation. Most students encounter this immediately in their freshman English class.

Victimology. Every group is entitled to claim minority status as victims, except white males and Christians.

Multiculturalism. That is a [perversion of honest definition] code word for the false notion that Western Civilization is bad and every other group, whether civilized or not, is superior.

Radical feminism. The entire world must be seen as one big conspiracy against all women, and all men are guilty.

Reverse discrimination. Those who dishonestly proclaim victim status must not be challenged in debate (a paraphrase).

Having sex with anybody anytime is okay and may not be criticized. Dating is out; “hooking up” is in.

Tolerance. That is a code word meaning tolerance for the [leftist] politically correct views [not traditional American values]. Tolerance requires conformity to politically correct views.

Christianity is Politically Incorrect. In some colleges, students are not permitted to turn in papers that identify historical calendar dates as B.C. (Before Christ) or A.D. (stands for the Latin phrase Anno Domini, which means “in the year of our Lord”).

These definitions for Political Correctness are shocking. They are from The Phyllis Schlafly Report, of April 2004, EIGHTEEN years ago. Are not these definitions already, if not corrected for general use, thought acceptable and excusable by unsuspecting students?

Any instruction remotely resembling these examples of leftist education serves to destroy the family and civil society. Political correctness indeed. Feel free to add your own observations in the comments below.

~ David Norris

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