At a sizable parent-teacher meeting in 1975, my wife and I were rightly warned from the platform, “We do not teach morality in this school.” (Opinion article, Ames, Iowa Tribune, September 25, 1992, A8). It was instantly apparent to me that the school system had gone seriously astray and that we must pay a second education tax and send our daughter to a private Christian school. When properly explained, our daughter fully understood and she matured to be a golden gem. When the news came out that she would not be back for the next school year, several teachers came to her and expressed understanding for that decision.

Secular militants opposed to teaching moral absolutes that reflect the public norm for civil decency are serving the Enemy of responsible self-rule and liberty.

“The [timing of] National Education Association rise is directly linked with the [now 50] year decline of American education that occurred simultaneously—not just in terms of quality, but… [increased] cost” (“How the National Education Association Corrupts Our Public Schools,” Forbes magazine, June 7, 1993, p. 79).

“It is a terrible mistake to employ secular exclusivists who impose a narrowness that challenges teaching the moral absolutes essential to American exceptionalism. Nearly 40 percent of the U.S. college students engage in high-risk alcohol consumption. Each year, almost 2,000 college and university students die from alcohol-related causes. An estimated 600,000 others are injured while under the influence. Loss of life alone is reason to act, but can also lead to sexual abuse… damage brain development and damage impulse control” (Dr. Jim Yong Kim, MD, PhD, a Korean-American physician. Kim chaired the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School).

In a Washington Post article, September 16, 2011, Dr. Kim writes: “As today’s students evolve into engaged citizens and tomorrow’s leaders, we owe it to them, to their parents and to society not to let them down. [Dr. Kim’s concern that] teachers for the behavioral, social, political, and law studies unabashedly emphasize morality as the supreme need for education of our day.” (He is now president of the World Bank committed to reversing harmful life practices worldwide.)

Prior to the leftist criticism of quality education, and their influence over public schools starting in the late 1960s, public education had not become the victim of secular philosophy. Things formerly learned in a limited way with shame in back alleys—explicit sex, the incentive of free condoms, drugs, social deviancy, and distortions of American history were rare. Even now some parents who are atheists in belief realize that people cannot violate the last six of the biblical Ten Commandments without serious personal consequences. The rejection of moral absolutes by instructors who are tenured has even caused some of these parents to opt out of the public school system and are home schooling.

The ladder marks 1962 when the radical minority started to remove the God of creation 
and moral faith out of our schools. The graphs reflect public reports up to 2009.

~ D. Norris

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