The question for Americans is, how far down the Genesis 3:4–5 cultural abyss must we go before we, the people, rebel? The liberal lawyer majorities on the Supreme Court insist that the Ten Commandments be removed from courthouses and public schools nationwide because they are religious. The truth is, the First Amendment protected society from government God-wannabes, including federal judges, effective December 15, 1791, when it was ratified by the states. It remained alive and applied as written until decapitated by a handful of liberal lawyers on the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.

Judicial abandonment of the Higher Authority standard for morality cannot be corrected by metal detectors at schoolhouse doors. On-duty police in schoolhouses do not replace the evil teaching of tenured revisionists. Alley cat sex and demands that students be provided with shared male and female bathrooms and showering facilities need the taming influence of the Ten Commandments and history, not tenured God-wannabe judge and teacher minorities.

The first National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, “. . . four common sexually transmitted diseases among girls and young women has found that one in four [is] infected with at least one of the diseases, U.S. health officials reported Tuesday” (Lawrence K. Altman, “One in Four U.S. Teenage Girls Have STDs, Study Finds,” International Herald Tribune, March 12, 2008).

The federal government was established by the states to serve the states, not the other way around. A clear betrayal of the people, a handful of lawyers on the federal Supreme Court forced an atheistic secular interpretation of First Amendment law on the states and local public schools. It is obvious that no one imagined that the judiciary branch of the federal government would turn hostile to community norms and Christian values. It was naturally assumed that the government would maintain friendly relations with the over a dozen faiths represented by the states’ delegates who crafted the Constitution. At a meeting of the first Congress, which proposed the First Amendment to the Bill of [citizen] Rights, Christian chaplains were appointed for Congress and the armed forces. Simultaneously, Congress resolved that George Washington’s inauguration should culminate in a divine service at St. Paul’s Church. Also on that day, Congress called upon President Washington to proclaim a day of “public thanksgiving and prayer.”

The superiority of the Ten Commandments for law was replaced by the dependably unreliable rule of man. Opposition to the Ten Commandments by a law school demonstrates how law students with sound minds and a few Supreme Court judges (who were themselves students) could be dumbed down and victimized.

The God-rejecting delusion leads secular Genesis 3:4-5 empires to their graves, while the superior value of the Bible lives on. Imposed by tenured law school professors and unelected liberal judges whom Thomas Sowell, a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, calls “tin gods.”

~ D. Norris

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