The fact that education in America (which historically has supported character development) has been denigrated and reversed by secular revisionists is inescapable.

“For the first [now over 340 years] of this country’s history, religion and education were intimate and interdependent. Religious competition does stir controversy, but religious freedom enriches rather than impoverishes public policy and the education process (Edward Scott Gaustad, A Religious History of America, Harper and Row, 1966, P 372).

Tenured secular militants, inclined to attack good teachers who support Biblical morality and the traditional family, are secure in their jobs. They represent perhaps no more than three percent of teachers. Consequently, administrators hired by the people to run the schools are powerless to correct the problem. This appears to be directly related to the harmful teacher tenure guarantees and collective bargaining laws. The people’s chain of control over what new generations will be taught has been disrupted.

Americans set the pace for greatness. God blessed America because parents and guardians who knew what was best for their children, controlled what their children were taught. Radicals in education and the media, who charge that America is an evil nation, do great harm. For instance, they point to slavery in our history. Yes, it took many years to implement the right of all adult citizens to vote and to liberate slaves. Americans, however, never abandoned those hard-to-achieve societal corrections called for in our charters at the very beginning. Let’s be honest!

“America has freed more human beings from the clutches of evil than any [other] nation on earth, and we are only a relatively young country. Even though continental Europe, in its posture of pseudo-sophistication, might consider us the country cousin of the family of nations, when these same Europeans needed to be rescued—often from themselves—we were there to rescue them. We have done it many times and in many ways, around the world. At enormous costs to ourselves, we have gone into (and out of) dozens of nations in order to make the world a better place—even those nations that were our deadliest enemies, like Germany and Japan after World War II. What MacArthur did in Japan and what the Marshall Plan accomplished in Europe are without historical equal, and they indicate what we think our higher calling on the planet really is. They also indicate the American penchant for forgiveness and generosity, which surpasses all others” (Dr. Jack Wheeler, The Ugly American, page 4, quoted by The Schwarz Report, May 2008, Volume 48, Number 5).

Traditional education standards see to it that students learn about American God-honoring foundations. That elementary phase of education is the enemy of big government imperialists. Truly desirable knowledge, In God We Trust, liberates man from tyranny.

~ D. Norris

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