The benefits of the Bible to society and governments were recognized by the Founding Fathers.  The Bible was “recommended to American citizens by the Confederation Congress on September 12, 1782” (James H. Hutson, Religion and the Founding of the American Republic, Washington, DC: Library of Congress, 1998, Preface and pp. 57-58).

God’s standard for truth is the most fundamental moral category in the universe.  Truth separates traditional American values (theistic belief) from the old European secular philosophy (atheistic belief about life’s origin, meaning and purpose).  Abel, who had chosen to follow the God of absolute truth, was slain by Cain, who, abiding by the impulses of the flesh, had chosen to follow his own version of truth.  It is this same war of divergent cultures that is now raging between the “In God We Trust” of Americans and the cultish atheism of old European secular philosophy.

During the controversy over the French Revolution, Edmund Burke wrote in response to the question, “What is liberty?”  He stated:  “Mere liberty without other forces working in the sphere that it opens up is only another name for license” (Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1790, London: Henry G. Bohn, 1864 extract, 129).

The sovereignty of our constitutional government is clearly made subordinate to the sovereignty of certain God-given rights of the citizens who ratified it.  This distinguishes the meaning of liberty for individuals in America.  They can exercise their independence and capacity to make better and differing decisions.  What a contrast from the demands of secular academician with communistic, socialistic and liberal leanings!  They reject the citizen’s capacity for self-rule and expect conformity to cultish political correctness based upon changeable decrees.

The Bill of Rights law is spiritual in the sense that it upholds the unalienable right of the people to follow God’s prescription for happiness without fear of authoritarian reprisals.  The idea is economic as well, because people, having the right to life, also have the right to work and to use the fruits of their labor to sustain life.

The God of creation is identified by the Bible as the “Good Shepherd.”  It is this same God who gave the Ten Commandments to mankind through Moses.  A good shepherd does not dictate and control.  When a lamb falls and breaks its leg, the shepherd will place a splint on the leg and carry the lamb until it heals.  Then, hoping the lamb has learned a lesson, the shepherd allows it to run again when able.  God admonishes, but unlike those allied with Satan, He will not deceive and seek to by-pass a person’s common sense to force worldly compliance (atheistic political correctness).

When our government allows, based upon its original Constitution, the freedom of Americans to align their lives according to the precepts of God’s Word, its citizenry can prosper under the Good Shepherd’s protection.  Choosing the benevolent God of the Bible as one’s own shepherd of life is, of course, a personal decision; but when that choice is made, the lamb is under God’s protection and learns self-control as he follows the Good Shepherd.

~ David Norris

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