There is a definite, unique, American belief that translates into specific principles for the establishment and workings of our government.  It can be found in the Declaration of Independence

James Wilson was one of six men who signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.  Addressing the Pennsylvania Ratifying Convention for the new constitution, Wilson read the Declaration of Independence and then he stated:  “This [Declaration] is the broad basis on which our independence [from authoritarian rule] was placed; on the same certain and solid foundation this [the Constitution of the United States] system is erected.*

This begins a discussion of immortal principles central to liberty and American greatness as found in the Declaration of Independence. Compromise of any of the following principles leads to harmful consequences.

American Principle One:  The Spiritual Nature of Man Is Supreme

“All men are created … endowed by their Creator …” ~ Declaration of Independence

Foundational to liberty and the American approach to government is the fact that man is of divine origin.  His spiritual or God-honoring nature is held as being of supreme importance.  Upholding man’s God-given “rights” from abuses sanctioned by governments makes liberty possible.  The divine quality of these rights calls for the unequivocal rejection of the authoritarian entitlements claimed by elitists of all stripes—kings, authoritarian politicians, clergy, educators, and militarists.  This principle enshrines certain limits that must, for the sake of liberty, be placed upon the use of the law and government power.

Humble support for the sovereignty of man under God over government is the guarantor of freedom for family wholeness, self-reliance, and prosperity.  People who know the truth can reject, without fear, the alarming chatter of atheistic sectarians.

Stay tuned for the next blog entry:  American Principle Two.

*(cited in John Elliot, Elliot’s Debates, The Debates In The Several State Conventions Adoption Of The Federal Constitution, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 11-20-1787, Book I, published 1836, 457).

~ David Norris

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