There are three achievements of secular progressives that have enabled leftist radicals to control behavioral instruction in public schools. Their first big achievement came when Supreme Court majorities began to impose mandates for law that rejected the unique God-honoring basis for law advanced by the Magna Carta and the American Declaration of Independence. When secular mandates by the court for future laws are allowed to stand, the historic absolutes encompassed in the “rule of law” and moral priorities are no longer binding. Consequently, our Constitution becomes a mere political document. The center of power shifted foolishly from the people and Congress subject to the Constitution, to the political preferences of judges. Among the first of many twists away from our Constitution and the First Amendment was the Everson v. Board of Education decision.

The second achievement of leftist radicals was the takeover, beginning in the 1960s, of the then-conservative National Education Association. Also in the 1960s, secular progressives, committed to the elimination of self-government and liberty, reached their third achievement—the unionization of government teachers.

A government-established union monopoly, like an established state church, undermines the people’s right to choose between providers that must compete for a following. Union monopolies have always been power-corrupting institutions. Whatever their agenda by subject or region, accountability to competition is removed and evil prevails. Union monopolies are in diametrical opposition to government of, by and for the people. It is the collective political power foolishly granted to autoworker unions that brought the American auto industry to its knees. And it is the collective political advantage of unionism that makes it possible for radicals to impose their atheistic worldview over the objections to both the vast majority of parents and the millions of excellent teachers caught in the union web. Violation of citizen authority (government of, by and for the people) is the radical politics of fascism–authoritarian hierarchical government.

Detailed in Chapter 7, the loss of citizen control over what our nation’s youth are taught in the behavioral studies hinges on two teachers’ tenure contract paragraphs demanded by union bosses when negotiating with local school boards. The first devastating paragraph provides teacher tenure guarantees that supersede the authority of school administrators to replace employees. The second harmful paragraph makes it a crime to disclose bad teacher performance to the public or to other schools that are considering hiring the teacher until costly and lengthy legal proceedings have approved such disclosure.

Benjamin Franklin, a delegate from Pennsylvania to the second Continental Congress and signer of the Constitution of the United States, wrote about the First Principle in his Articles of Belief: “I believe there is one supreme, most perfect Being … Also when I stretch my imagination through and beyond our system of planets, beyond the visible fixed stars themselves, into that space that is [in] every way infinite, and conceive it filled with suns like ours, each with a chorus of worlds forever moving around him; then this little ball on which we move, seems, even in my narrow imagination, to be almost nothing, and myself less than nothing, and of no sort of consequence … That I may be preserved from atheism … Help me, O Father! … For all thy innumerable benefits; for life, and reason … My good God, I thank thee!” (Benjamin Franklin, “Articles of Belief,” in The American Ideal of 1776, ed. Hamilton Albert Long {Philadelphia: Heritage Books, 1963}, 5).

Professionals like medical doctors, engineers, plumbers and airline pilots—vital to our society—do NOT have tenure guarantees. Yet what is being taught to America’s youth is of even greater importance.

~ D. Norris

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